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5th Anniversary of Riga Rally-Raid Team.

This is the 5th year of existence of Riga Rally-Raid Team. During these years the team has grown from a group of few enthusiasts who shared the dream of taking part in Dakar Marathon Rally into a serious team, well recognised and always welcomed in the circle of European motorsport. Both victories and success, and painful losses and failures have been experienced during these years.

Certainly, the rally-raid prototypes "OSCar" manufactured in Latvia by Ogres Servisa Centrs (OSC) have been an integral team brand, which now has reached its third generation. Altogether 11 prototypes have been manufactured up to date and only due to the limited production capacity it has not been to increase the amounts of production.

Andris Dambis: "It could be said that everything goes as planned. The team grows and accumulates more experience with each year. It is clear, that we cannot expect to come within the first five or even the first ten in Dakar, unless we are very lucky. To explain this would take some time, but that is the fact.
OSC will continue to manufacture "OSCar" prototypes also in future; the question is – in what way will it happen."

In the 30th anniversary year of Dakar Latvia is going to have the record number of representatives.
Three crews will represent Riga Rally-Raid Team in its fifth time of participation in Dakar Marathon Rally:

Janis Azis / Ainars Princis
Maris Saukans / Didzis Zarins
Andris Feldmanis / Krists Feldmanis

Janis Azis / Ainars Princis and Maris Saukans / Didzis Zarins will drive "O3" prototypes; Andris Feldmanis / Krists Feldmanis will use "OSCar" of previous generation. This year no significant improvements or changes are done for "O3" thus the vehicles will be about the same as last year.

This year brothers Janis Vinters and Einars Vinters will participate with new technical equipment, which stands closer to that of factory teams. In comparison what lags behind a little bit is the engine power of their motorcycles, but what is more important – shock absorbing is considerably poorer than that available for factory team riders. There are no analogues and apart from the factory riders no one else has access to such technical equipment.

As always Janis Naglis / Agris Petersons will participate in Dakar also this year. In addition, Latvia will also be represented with a newcomers' crew, Aldis Vilcans / Arturs Masteiko.

Technical assistance

This year's novelty is T6 truck for technical assistance. It is well known that the true mission of most of the crews registered in truck category is to deliver the "first aid" in specials and invaluable support in marathon stages where no assistance form technical personnel is permitted after the day's finish but mutual support between the sportsmen is always allowed.

Such an opportunity has become possible owing to cooperation with the Spanish team "Epsilon". The team has specialized only in trucks and it comprises professionals with experience of many years. The years before "Epsilon" had provided services for "Volkswagen" factory team and some other leading drivers.

The technical service truck will be used both by the Riga Rally-Raid Team and Vinters brothers.

2007/12/20 | 18:34 CET | Editor: MR/Riga RRT/Rita Konya

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