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ABSA South African Championship 2007 Special-Newssection

This is the single-news section of the special of the ABSA South African Offroad Championship series 2007. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

ABSA 2007: Nissan Dealer 400 Rally spectator points and TV.

Spectators are being catered for at 2 main areas (B & D) along the route this year, other places are available but the action is not as spectacular at these points as they are mainly crossroads. Points can be found with refrence to the attached map, and are indicated by smiley faces.

Point A High speed road next to fence sweeping into 90 left through gate and then 90 right through gate and away 4.5km from start.

Depart Darling Klub and proceed up to tarred road - turn right
0.00 Proceed into Darling
0.52 Stop TURN RIGHT - crossroads
0.68 Stop rail crossing
1.17 Stop 3 way KEEP STRAIGHT ( road to right to start and service area)
2.99 KEEP STRAIGHT at end of tar crossroads
3.60 Park and view on right

Point B Spectator point at the Stop / Go 4 & 5 where plenty off action can be seen Competitors approach the main Darling / Malmesbury road R304, cross over ,turn sharp left over the old narrow road bridge. After a very short sprint across a field they reappear. Another stop go over R304 and then away into the distance. Please park well clear of the road and entrances so as not to block the view of any traffic and causing blind spots for competitors 12km & 14km from start.

Depart Darling Klub and proceed up to tarred road
0.74 100 Kph restriction
2.48 TURN LEFT S/P R304 Malmesbury
4.10 Keep straight - Wylands
4.50 crossroads ( road on right has old bridge)
Spectate here

Point C Competitors can be seen from this point from three sides. On the right where they come down a very steep but rough hill into a farmyard, then travel away to a stop / go where they again climb a mountain with very steep downs into an under road subway with very steep incline up out and away into the distance. This point is recommended as you will not have to move all day. Please park well of the road as it is a major road to the coast

Depart Darling Klub and proceed up to tarred road - turn right
0.00 Proceed into Darling
0.50 Stop Keep straight - crossroads
0.80 Crossroads TURN RIGHT S/P Yzerfontein/Langebaan/Saldanha (R315)
1.40 KEEP STRAIGHT on R315 road to right (Hilderbrand Monument)
8.00 Spectating starts before the armco railing until the road to left to winery
Enjoy the action
Point D Competitors approach from field after being visible from mountain after a stop / go turn left and then into very steep down up river crossing
(hopefully we have water) a real test of waterproofing.

Parking to be well off road to allow normal traffic flow especially over narrow bridge

Depart Darling Klub and proceed up to tarred road - turn right
0.00 Proceed into Darling
0.52 Stop Keep straight - crossroads
0.75 Crossroads TURN RIGHT S/P Yzerfontein/Langebaan/Saldanha (R315)
1.40 TURN RIGHT road to right (Hilderbrand Monument) Join gravel
4.07 Stop rail crossing
6.82 Stop rail crossing
7.49 KEEP STRAIGHT road to right S/P Uilenkraal Onderstrikte Pad
9.05 Keep straight road to right S/P BRAKRIVIER

Absa Off Road Championship fans will have numerous opportunities to see the Absa Off Road Championship Preview on various Supersport channels. The highlights will be broadcast for the first time on Supersport 1 at 19:00 on Sunday, 11 March and will be followed by repeat broadcasts on the following dates and times:

Monday, 12 March - 05:00 - SS2
Monday, 12 March - 11:00 - SS2
Wednesday, 14 March - 14:30 - SS6
Friday, 16 March - 00:00 - CSN
Friday, 16 March - 00:00 - SS1

Nissan Dealer 400 Rally:

Monday, 26 March - 01:00 - SS2
Monday, 26 March - 11:00 - SS2
Tuesday, 27 March - 14:00 - SS1
Wednesday, 28 March - 09:00 - SS2
Thursday, 29 March - 23:30 - SS5

Supersport reserves the right to change broadcast dates, times and channels at its sole discretion.

2007/03/10 | 14:33 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Charmaine Fortune

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