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African Heritage: National competitors have an opportunity

As you are aware, the Africa Heritage Cross Country, a round of the FIA Cross Country World Cup, will be held in Limpopo Province from August 2 to 5, and will run in conjunction with the Ford Motorite 400.

You may or may not be aware that the Africa Heritage event has had to overcome a number of obstacles. In the interests of South Africa and the future relationship between the FIA, Motorsport South Africa and the MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission, a decision to go ahead with the event was finally taken at the end of June.

Not the least of Africa Heritage Cross Country problems, for reasons mostly beyond our control, is a lack of international entries. However, even with only two international entries the event will go ahead. In an attempt to gather in additional entries, we have taken a novel step. Licensed dirvers who own a 4x4 vehicle can enter a Touring Class.

However, regional and national off road competitors also have the opportunity to enter the Africa Heritage Cross Country and the Ford Motorite 400. Although SA competitors will not score points towards the World Cup international trophies will be awarded to the first three SA finishers in the Special Vehicle and Production Vehicle categories.

SA entrant will also not jeopardise losing national championship points. The two events will be scored separately and will be run as two separate events.

If you choose to compete in both events, scrutineering will be on Wednesday, August 2. Legs 1 and 2 of the African Heritage Cross Country on August 3 and 4 will cover approximately 250 kilometres each, with the route more Rally Crosse than traditional off road.

The 40-kilometre prologue for the Ford Motorite 400 will form part of the route on Leg 2 of the African Heritage Cross Country. On Saturday, August 5, you will start the Ford Motorite 400 as per your allocated start time based on your time for the Friday prologue.

Your national scoring will be based on your prologue and Saturday race time. Your international scoring will be based on your times on Legs 1 and 2 on the Thursday and Friday, and your Saturday overall race time.

The MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission, Charmaine Fortune, the franchise holder for the Africa Heritage Cross Country and the Koepel Club and Four Wheel Drive Club of SA, who are joint organisers, have fully committed to making the events a success. Our future dealings with the FIA dictate that we make a success of the events, and we would appreciate a little help from our friends.

Piet Swanepol

MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission President

2006/07/20 I 13:38 CET I Editor:

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