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Australasian Safari: Some Quotes after 4th day (Wednesday).

Steve Riley: "We went out as fast as we could today and battled our way past the Hummer which was a bit of a challenge. It was a fairly non-eventful day, but hard concentrating for 200kms at a fast pace. The tracks were good and there was some great scenery, lots of large boulders.
On the first stage we had clutch slippage and I thought we might have lost more time than we did, but no-one caught us. We’ve got a few fuel pump problems, its just being inconsistent and we don’t quite know what’s wrong with it."

"The big question now is who is first out tomorrow, I think you’re better off being first out, and I do know that the pace will be fast and hard.
We’ve got 2 days now to win the event and you can lose it really easily. It’s all going to end in tears for someone, there’s nothing surer than that."

Josh Hall: "We had a good day today and trouble-free stages. For the first couple, we didn’t push too hard because of the size of the trees we had to weave the car through. We did push hard in the final stage and felt good about that. Thad is developing into a fantastic navigator."

In terms of similarity of terrain:

"There are a lot of similarities in the terrain to the US, we also have the same ruts and drainage and sandy stuff. The difference we’ve noticed, particularly today, was the beauty of the bushland. The areas we often race on in the US has been raced on many times before. This race presents unique challenges that have not been experienced before. We saw our first emu today, and luckily it was running away from us!"

Paul Weel: "We had a good first stage - we caught the dust of the first cars out and passed them. There was plenty of stuff out there that could take you out today. We hit a lot of stuff we probably could have avoided! We got lost in the last stage, and gave the Adventure Tour guys something to laugh about! There are two long days ahead and that’s good for us. Hopefully we should be able to survive it. And my back’s holding up well. If we’re first or second on the road tomorrow, then we just have to keep up the pace. All we have to do now is the best and whoever’s car is out on top deserves that place. I definitely plan to do some more off road after the Australasian Safari, it’s been a good event for us."

2009/08/06 | 13:12 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Australasian Safari

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