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Baja 1000: Team Hummer ready to take on the grueling Tecate.

The 39th Annual Tecate/SCORE "Baja 1000" is coming up on November 15 - 18 and this year a record 450 entries are registered to make the historic 1050 mile peninsula run from Ensenada to LaPaz, Mexico. The previous record for entries in the "Baja 1000" was 346, established in 1977 but racers from 38 states and 11 foreign counties have eclipsed that record, all equally anxious to share in the adventure of this internationally recognized event. Except in 1974, when a fuel crisis forced cancellation of the race, the "Baja 1000" has been held every year since 1967.

Over the course of it’s 39 year history the SCORE "Baja 1000" has become one of the most recognized motorsports events in the world and is arguably the toughest test of man and machine held anywhere, in any form of racing.

Scarred by the wind and rain from two recent hurricanes, the southern section of the course will be particularly challenging this year with ponds which have become lakes and creeks that are now churning rivers. This could very well be the toughest "Baja 1000" race course ever and Team Hummer’s Rod Hall would be the man to ask because he is the only man to have competed in every one of the 38 events in a car or truck. With a record 18 Baja 1000 victories to his credit, Hall is the only driver to have ever won the race overall in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

In fact, Team Hummer drivers have an impressive record at the "Baja 1000", since Hummer entered competitive off-road racing in 1993, having won the event 9 out of the past 13 years. Chad has won five times since 93 with four of those wins coming consecutively from 2001 - 2004. Josh teamed up with Chad to win in 2003 and won solo in the H2 in 2005. Rod has taken six "Baja 1000" Championships during the same period. Some co-driving with sons Chad and Josh and others in a solo role with the latest being last year when he brought the Team Hummer H3 home to victory.

Starting the race in the #864 Team Hummer H1 Alpha Pick-up will be Sam Edgar of Reno, Nevada, who will drive from Ensenada to San Felipe where Chad will take over. Chad won the full-stock class at the "Baja 1000" from 2001 - 2004 but finished a close second to his brother Josh at last year’s event. He believes that the outcome will be different this year with the new H1 Alpha coming off a very competitive second place finish at last month’s ‘Las Vegas 300’. As the defending "Baja 1000" Full-Stock class winner, Josh feels that the #861 Team Hummer H2 SUV is ready for a repeat win and is looking forward to the challenge of a race down the peninsula with his brother. This is the only event where the H1 and the H2 compete in the same class and the outcome is always interesting.

Rod Hall will be attempting to bring home his fifth win this year in the #762 Team Hummer H3 SUV and a finish of any kind in the "Baja 1000" will clinch the 2005 SCORE Mini-Stock Class points championship for Rod and the H3. Rod will share driving duties with friend and co-driver, Mike Winkel. They will be joined, at various times, by a number of journalists in the second seat. Author and free-lance writer, Susan Crandell, will be Rod’s passenger in the H3 for the first 122 miles.

HMR Magazine’s editor, David Vowell, will be "Living the Adventure" until the H3 reaches San Felipe and Four Wheeler Magazine’s Rick Pewe will get in the H3 about 500 miles later, in Loreto, and ride for about 125 miles to the final pit, at race mile 906. Finally, 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Sean Holman, who has ridden with us before, is back to ride with Josh in the H2 for about 150 miles from Bahia de Los Angeles to San Ignacio.

By all accounts this is going to be a very demanding event, even by "Baja 1000" standards. There is little doubt that the journalists will all find their experience with Team Hummer an adventure well worth writing about...

2006/11/13 | 11:55 CET | Editor: MR/Rod Hall Racing

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