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Baja 500: Vildosola Racing prepares to battle.

After two months of preparation and planning, Vildosola Racing heads for the next event on their 2007 schedule, the SCORE Baja 500 this June 1, 2 & 3 in Ensenada, Baja California. This will also mark the 2007 SCORE debut of Vildosola Racings’ Toyota Tundra Baja Protruck, carrying the elusive #200 number indicating their 2006 class championship.

For the SCORE Baja 500 both trucks in the Vildosola Racing stable are getting ready with last minute details and preparations to make their return to Baja in hopes of capturing both class wins. Dave Clark, Vildosola Racing’s crew chief noted: "the trucks are setup to win this one, we did some testing on both trucks a few weeks ago, the Mexicana Logistics Ford F-150 Trophy Truck has undergone some improvements that have been made since the Baja 250 in March. Tavo is now in charge of the testing and the set up of the truck, he has become more confident and comfortable with every test session because he keeps gaining experience and familiarity with every passing mile, hopefully it’s our time to be back on the podium".

The team’s Toyota Tundra will make its SCORE debut for 2007; previously #204 will be running with the #200 plate to symbolize they are the defending class champions in the SCORE series. Since the BITD Parker 425 in February, Jimmy Davidson and the whole crew have worked diligently to get the truck back into shape and erase the painful memory of the past event. Bryan Freeman who shares driving duties with Tavo added; "We had some issues at Parker, since the start of the race Tavo was complaining about the drivability of the truck. He was able to battle through it and give me a good truck. At this point we were only a couple of minutes behind the leaders but ended up having engine troubles on the last lap that crippled us and almost cost us a DNF. We were lucky to finish the race and ended up with a sour taste in our mouths, this only further motivates us to have a clean, good, run at the Baja 500 and reclaim our championship in 2007."

Since the end of the Baja 250 Tavo Vildosola has been preparing for a double-header race, he is scheduled to start with Javier "Showtime" Valenzuela in the Mexicana Logistics/Vildosola Racing Trophy Truck #4, and then plans to get in where he left off in the Trophy Truck and finish the race with Jimmy Davidson in the Mexicana Logistics/Vildosola Racing Protruck #200. This means that his dad will be driving the second half of the race in the Trophy Truck and for the first time since the duo joined forces, Bryan Freeman will take the green flag in the Toyota Protruck.

This year’s race is planned to start in Ensenada and make a loop very similar to the 2005 Baja 500, Gus stated. "We made the decision at the beginning of the year to only run the SCORE Mexican races, this is our second one of the year for the Trophy Truck and my favorite race on the schedule. I really enjoy Ensenada and the race course; there is no comparison to seeing the beach, the desert, and the pine forest all in one course. Ensenada and its people have always welcomed me and the team with open arms. We really enjoy everything about racing in Baja, from pre-running to contingency to the race, its why we do it, and we love it.

As previously stated Tavo is getting ready to drive in two classes, his thoughts are: "The ‘double header’ will be a lot of fun I cannot wait for the green flag to drop on Saturday morning. We are very lucky, we got to be 3rd off the line in both classes, in the Trophy Truck I will have to battle with the top teams in the sport right off the line. The 2006 class champion starts in front of us and the field behind us is just as rough. But trial by fire is the way to learn the fastest, we held our own at the Baja 250 and with more seat time and a better understanding of the capabilities of the truck we should have a better showing. Bryan will also start third, he will do an excellent job, he is very fast and very good so I have no concerns with Bryan, I am very confident he will be the first Protruck to whatever location we do the driver change at. I am ready for a double podium for the double header, I can assure you we will be very prepared for this race".

The schedule of events starts on Friday June 1 with contingency and technical inspection, the starting line area will once again be in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center on the Boulevard Costero in downtown Ensenada. The finish line will be where it was last year--inside the Campo de Softball Jose Negro Soto stadium at 11th Street (Calle Once) and Espinoza Avenue in Ensenada. The stadium is located approximately 1.5 miles east of the start line area. Vehicles will start in 30-second intervals in the elapsed-time race on Saturday June 2nd.

Vildosola Racing is sponsored by: Mexicana Logistics, Aguilas del Desierto, BFGoodrich Tires, Mastercraft, Papas & Beer, PIAA Lights, OGIO, MOMO and Toyota Racing Development.

2007/05/30 | 13:29 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vildosola Racing | Pics: Carlos Galindo,

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