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Baja 500: Vildosola Racing wins 39th SCORE Tecate Baja 500.

After an intense preparation effort and team work, Tavo Vildosola & Bryan "Wonderboy" Freeman, headed to Ensenada Baja California for the 39th edition of the Baja 500, "this years race was an incredible adventure, the 425 mile layout of the course has everything you expect in a typical Baja event". Noted Jimmy Davidson who rode the entire event in the passenger seat of the Mexicana Logistics/Vildosola Racing/TRD sponsored Toyota Tundra #200.

After the green flag Bryan Freeman took no prisoners in his all out assault on his competitors and the course, after 12 miles, at the first pavement section Bryan was leading on corrected time and at the Ojos Negros road crossing, the Vildosola Racing Protruck was the physical leader of the Baja Protruck field of 13 starters. After that Bryan went into cruise mode and held a confident 10 minute margin on the next Baja Protruck.

Bryan commented "Tavo and I pre-ran all week long and we really want to win this one, doing your homework is very important, we needed to be prepared for anything, Vildosola Racing had perfect logistics for this race, all our pits did a great job and my job was to take care of the truck and deliver a good, clean race to Tavo. We had to pass a lot of slow cars on our way to Mike’s Sky Ranch, coming down Simpson to Valle de la Trinidad, we got stuck waiting for a car to clear a hill and lost about 15 minutes allowing all our competitors to catch back up. Other than that though we had a clean day and I gave Tavo the truck at Llano Colorado with a 6 minute physical lead over Toyota Rick.

From this point Tavo Vildosola got the controls of the 4.7L Toyota Tundra and he left the teams main pit area after a 2 minute pit stop, which included 30 gallons of fuel, 2 new Yokohama rear tires, and PIAA lights for the night section. Tavo also noted "I was keeping up on Bryans’ progress all day, I knew he was going to bring me a great truck and my job was going to be to maintain the lead he worked hard to create and make absolutely no mistakes. The Wonderboy did not disappoint and the Mexicana Logistics crew did an excellent job relaying the time splits for the last 140 miles. It was important for me to keep a easy pace and maintain our lead, competition is always very tight in Protruck racing but our preparation and team effort paid off and we crossed the finish line in great shape, over twenty minutes faster than our next competitor".

The next stop of Vildosola Racing will be the 85th edition of the "Race to the Clouds" the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on July 19, 20 & 21.

2007/06/13 | 18:44 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vildosola

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