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Baja Eurocarpatica: Hungarian Szalay Opel-Team at 747-km challenge.

Last time the Hungarians Balazs Szalay and Laszlo Bunkoczi raced at the Central European Rally in Romania, but they did not participate on Hungarian championship event for two years in the Transylvanian mountains, where they nearly won the race on the Izvora course. A low location is selected for the race this year, Tirgu Lapus and its neighboring places will host the event in Maramaros county.

The total distance of the weekend challenge is 747 km which includes 11 selectives that are partly in the woods and full of technical turns. The event starts at 4.30 pm (GMT +2) with the opening ceremony then the first 26 km has to be completed. Altogether 6 selectives are planned for Saturday that will be shared on a 15 km and a 30 km stretch. On Sunday the achievement of the contestants are measured four times on a 26 km and a 44 km course.

The field will be thinner this time than on the last two Hungarian events (19 cars, 3 quads and 1 motorbike) but the three usual units of the Szalay Dakar Team will definitely be at the weekend battle. The unit of Szalay and Ranai has not altered, but this time Imre Somfai of the Somfai duo will grab the steering wheel. The two cadet units changed cars so the seven liter silver-yellow Antara will go to the Somfais and the smaller Opel of the team will be operated by R?nai and his co.

2009/06/15 | 10:07 CET | Editor: MR/HS/

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