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Baja Eurocarpatica: Win for Zapletal, Szalay team finished Second.

The unit of the Hungarian Szalay Opel-Team finished on the podium on the Baja Eurocarpatica organized in Romania. Balazs Szalay and Laszlo Bunkoczi grasped the absolute first place already at the Friday selective and they kept it during the Saturday run. But on Sunday the Czech Miroslav Zapletal-Tomas Ourednicek pair racing with a Hungarian license took over the lead and did not make it over till the end of the day.

The day started interestingly. Everyone expected the modification of the prescribed selective as the organizers cut the itinerary on Friday in half. At the early morning briefing at 7 am the organizers announced that the selective in its whole length was taken out of the program and instead the Saturday stretched has to be run again but this time backwards.

Of course it was shortened, but still in place of 4 selectives 6 was ahead of the racing field. The course was surprisingly dry and dusty the field quickly rushed through it, and the Hungarian championship in Transylvania was over by 4 pm. Even the sun came out for the last day of the event and the competitors finished the challenge in nice weather. The sunshine attracted a crowd of people to the mountain roads that started and ended in small villages.

All three units of the Szalay Dakar Team successfully got to the finish, Szalay´s unit was the second, Ronay´s the 11th and Somfai´s the 14th. The Somfai-Somfay son-father duo missed the 13th place because they collected some penalty at the end of the fourth selective.

Szalay is not content with the result because after the first place slipped from their hand, reaching the silver medal did not seem so interesting. "I cannot say that the event was a hard one, it was rather slow from the uphill stretches. We are the second, but I would be happier with the first place because we came to win and we also did. Otherwise I liked the race, the fight was a rough one with Zapletal we continuously fought with each other for the seconds. Finally, they turned out to be faster and I congratulate to them for their achievement."

The pilot of the white Antara, Peter Ranai evaluated their performance: "I liked the whole weekend very much, but the race was in fact a hard one. By the end we got along with the car well and we got accustomed to driving and navigating it too. We ended where we roughly planned to, which means that we are very satisfied with our placing and about the fact that we finished our third race successfully."

The Somfays? had more adventures this weekend. On Saturday morning they were late from the start and they received penalty. They repeated this two more times, lastly today morning, when they could not get to the start in time because they have not finished changing the ignition. ?This was a great race, we kept improving our own performance but we had to cope with the hard courses. We had our first flat tire and we need to practice the changing. After the 4th selective we turned back after the finish and we were still standing at the finish zone when the engine just stopped. Many people helped to push the car to be able to start the engine, but of course we got penalty for this too. So we ended up on the last place unluckily? summarized his experiences Matyi Somfai, the co of the silver-yellow Antara.

Temporary overall results:

1. Zapletal-Ourednicek 03:51:08
2. Szalay-Bunkoczi +00:02:53
3. Palik-Darázsi +00:04:57
4. Porizek-Ulehla +00:05:35
5. Varga-Pocseg +00:13:56
6. Lukács-Szegedi +00:17:23
7. Korda-Tóth +00:18:55
8. Bálint-Honfi +00:19:39
9. Kristóf-Simon +00:19:40
10. Fazekas-Horn +00:29:36
11. Rónai-Galambos +00:46:07
12. Apáthy-Morvai +00:49:45
13. Somfai-Somfai +01:16:35
14. Gábor-Maurer +10:32:12


1. Palágyi-Antal 12:25:48
2. Sólyom-Besenyő +12:58:54

Challenge Kupa:

1. Bence-Szvetkó 04:50:19
2. Szenáki-Halmai +00:33:19
3. Kratochvill-Gyurina +06:13:52

2009/06/15 | 10:35 CET | Editor: MR/HS/

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