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Baja Portalegre: Boris Gadasin new leader after SS2.

Boris Gadasin is the new leader of Baja ACP REPSOL Portalegre 500, because of the punctures occurred in the BMW of Miguel Barbosa, who was first overall with great advantage almost until the end of this first selective sector.

The race started with great speed, but the surface is very hard and many delays and retirements occurred. Now the third overall is João Ramos who was very fast during all this morning, overtaking Pedro Gameiro and Filipe Campos, both with some problems in his cars.

The “top-ten” is now complete with Zapletal, Anglada and Ricardo Leal dos Santos. Slovakian Jozef Sykora was out before CP1 with broken front differential, while last year's Potuguese champion Pedro Grancha (Mitsubishi) retired because of a broken wheel. Filipe Campos had a bit more luck: he had serious troubles with the gearbox (only the first three gears remaining) but he was able to go on and finished the special in 7th position.

Between T2, Spinelli still dominates, in front of Baiona and Gonzalez.
Many dust and hard track, in this morning, and now the teams are going to run in the north of Portalegre, were they will find a more narrow road, but maybe a smoother surface..


301 – BORIS GADASIN: «It was Ok. We should be leaders, because I saw Miguel stopped by 20 Km from the arrival.»

307 – MIGUEL BARBOSA: «We had two punctures both on the left side. Than we lost some time, because we came in the dust of Boris. We will try to catch him because the car is very good. The problem is the dust…»

309 – PEDRO GAMEIRO: «In the beginning the windscreen was clouded. Filipe overtake us and after that we came between his dust…»

The Top 10 after SS2:

1. Gadasin - Mironenko
2. Barbosa - L. Ramalho +00:02:42
3. Ramos - Jesus +00:04:08
4. N. Inocencio - Cosme +00:04:55
5. R. Sousa - Silva +00:05:19
6. P. Gameiro - Figueiredo +00:07:43
7. Campos - Baptista +00:08:09
8. Zapletal - Korejz +00:08:52
9. Anglada - Parés +00:10:03
10. Leal dos Santos +00:11:56

Photos: Giusy Concina, ACP

2007/10/20 | 13:36 CET | Editor: MR/ACP/Rita Konya

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