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Baja Spain Aragon 2007 Special-Newssection (FIA Baja Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Baja Spain Aragon 2007, 2nd round of the FIA Worldcup for International Bajas. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Baja Spain: Coma and McRae in the lead after first long stage

On Friday the crews tackled the first long stage of the 2007 Baja Espana, 573 km between Madrid and Zaragoza with a 204 km special. Among the bikes, Marc Coma, as expected, won the stage and, of course, with this took also the leadership. "I had problems to overtake Guasch over 90 km until he had mechanical problems. After that I had an excellent rhythm and I was able gain enough time to take the leading position. But the most important day will be tomorrow" said the two time world champion.

On four wheels it was Colin McRae who took advantage of the small problems of the two Mitsubishis and will be the first to start tomorrow. "The special was narrow, twisty and full of stones but for us everything was running smoothly. We hope to have such a clear run tomorrow as well" told us co-driver Tina Thörner.

As for the Mitsubishis squad, neither of the two cars had a perfect day today. Both cars had a small touch but fortunately only with tiny optical damages on the cars. Stéphane Peterhansel, occupying second position, was quite satisfied with the results. "It was a nice stage, completely different from those in Africa. To be honest, I don’t have too much experience on this kind of tracks. I started quite slow, maybe too safe, because it was not easy to open. We will push harder tomorrow. Surely, on these tracks Nani is faster than me" said the Dakar legend.

Nani Roma had a little accident. "On a turn we were close to overturn and we decided to go straight. We had a soft had and we stopped to check if there were any damages to the car. We lost a bit of time, but we were still quite lucky" said Roma.

Boris Gadasin arrived fourth, but behind him there was a real close fight: Jozef Sykora, Pedro Gameiro and Santi Anglada are all within one minute. Sykora however suffered serious mechanical problems: at km 110 he broke the front driveshaft so he had to complete the last 80 km with only rear drive. "Without this we would have been in front of Gadasin!" said last year’s Baja Espana winner a bit angrily.

Pedro Gameiro has a new engine in the Nissan Navara after suffering engine failure on the last stage of the Transiberico Rally. "It was a very nice stage, different from the Portuguese tracks, fast and sometimes quite tricky. Unfortunately our new engine is not as good as the old one, it seems to have a bit less power. We lost six minutes to Gadasin and we are in big fight with Sykora, so we have to push tomorrow."

In category T2, two times Baja Cup champion Mark Blázquez seems to be more acquainted with the Nissan Pathfinder and quickly jumped from 49th to the 10th (!) place overall and into the lead of the category. "Everything was perfect for us. Yesterday I was quite disappointed but now I think we are in the position which is actually achievable with this car."

2007/07/21 | 11:06 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Rita Konya

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