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BITD 2006: Donahoe Racing looks forward to a great season.

Donahoe Racing kicked off the 2006 racing season at Best in the Desert the Parker 425. Team Donahoe brought out their Ford F250 SuperDuty Race truck to compete in its third event. After its debut at the Baja 1000 and second place finish at the Henderson 400, Team Donahoe put the truck through an extensive testing process prior to the race. According to Kreg Donahoe, Driver of Record; "We are working out the bugs associated with a new race truck. As we improve performance in one area, we are looking for weak spots in others. We are also testing our prototype consumer shocks to see how they hold up under extreme conditions. If our products can survive racing in the desert, then we know they will be bullet proof for our customers. We do this to ensure that our customers are getting the best products on the market."

The team competed in the time trials for start position. Kreg finished with the third fastest time in class, thus giving the team third position off the line. On Saturday, Kreg took the truck off the line at approximately 8:30am and immediately entered a dust filled haze. Though it was tough to see, Kreg easily made his way through the haze and into open air and went on to have a trouble free lap. With no pit stops and no flats, Kreg kept the truck running at the front of the pack and came into the main pit in second place. "The first lap was fun! I had a great time running with Greg Foutz and the other competitors in our class," said Donahoe. Kreg then handed the truck off to Donahoe Racing’s R & D Engineer Dylan Evans for the second lap.

Dylan had one 4 minute pit stop to fix a steering issue and came in for the drivers change around 3:30pm. At that time Kreg got back into the truck for the third and final lap. Unfortunately, he only made it to the end of pit row before the transmission malfunctioned. The crew rescued the truck and towed it back to the main pit at 4 pm where they discovered that both front ball joints were broken as well. The crew, including Kreg and Dylan, proceeded to work on the truck for 4 ½ hours fixing all the problems in an effort to get back out for the last lap. When the repairs were finally completed, Kreg headed out on the third lap trying to beat the clock to the start line, but ran out of time to begin the last lap and thus, had to wrap it up for the day.

Though the truck didn’t finish, it ran well and stayed with a pack of very competitive trucks on a very tough course. Of the 10 starters, only 4 finished. Development on the truck will continue throughout the season, not only for Donahoe Racing, but the sponsors as well. Kreg said; "Our sponsors benefit from our racing efforts. We are an active participant in the technology exchange with Ford; and Banks Power puts a representative in our truck at testing sessions to run tests on their own products, thereby allowing them to constantly improve their products for the consumer."

BITD has a great schedule set for the 2006 season. "We are looking forward to running the entire Best in the Desert season. We are very excited about the race line up that Casey Folks has planned and look forward to some great competition in this class," said Donahoe.

Team Donahoe’s SuperDuty Race truck is sponsored by: Ford Trucks, Banks Power, KC Hilites, Ford of Orange, BFGoodrich, Anaheim Hills Auto Body, MasterCraft, Walker Evans Racing Wheels, Superior Axle and Gear, KarTek Off-Road, Dynatrac, and Deaver Spring.

Donahoe Racing Enterprises has signed on again to be the 2006 official suspension system of Best in the Desert Racing Association, as well as the proud sponsor of the Annual "King of the Desert" Award. This year Donahoe Racing has partnered with Banks Power and KC Hilites to increase the prize to $10,000!

For more information on Team Donahoe or Donahoe Racing Enterprises please visit the official website at [ ].

2006/02/23 I 12:10 CET I Editor:

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