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BITD 2007: Vildosola Racing ready to assault the Nevada desert

For this months’ Best in the Desert TSCO Vegas to Reno event, Vildosola Racing drivers Tavo Vildosola and Bryan "Wonderboy" Freedogger are preparing to take no prisioners and defend their Protruck class crown, Tavo it’s the only Mexican national driver who has won this event 2 times in a row (2005-2006) and they now consider to three-peat the event and come back home with another victory in the Baja Protruck class at one of the most prestigious races of the season "the longest nonstop race in the USA" the TSCO Vegas To Reno.

Best in the Desert organization always puts a great racing venues said Gus Vildosola, team owner and Tavos’ dad, Casey Folks and his dedicated group of people who help them to create those professional events, they make top quality races and we are very pleased about his future races, the Vegas to Reno run, its something different on his schedule every year, the endurance and long distances events are good for us because we can make our strategies and game plans like always we do, we have the right combination again to claim another victory for our team, we are always expected to run in the front of the pack, Tavo and Bryan Freeman proved this year they have the right combination of endurance and speed to win races, with the help and masterful preparation of Dave Clark and ace mechanic and navigator Jimmy Davidson we expect to be again at the top of the field at the finish line in Dayton NV.

Tavo Vildosola also noted: this it’s a great race, actually my first win on the BITD series was in this race two years a go, last year was almost a flashback from the previous race, we finish almost on the same time diference like the first year, the competition its always tight and intense all the Protrucks’ are the same so that’s its why it’s a great drivers class, preparation and consistency are part or our game plan, with our pit support and strategy will be able to put us again in contention to defend our class title, the points in the series are tighten up after Pikes Peak event, when we did a good result they put us in the second place in the standings, we think the have the proven speed and organization to be on top again of the points and race the remaining events on the calendar with a good points lead and close the season in great fashion at Glen Helen cup challenge on next December.

For this year race BITD plans to use almost the same route from two years a go, except for a few changes before the Tonopah area when its almost the halfway part of the race, for almost 600 miles of count-less rocks, silt, altitude changes and some of the most scenic views’ off Nevada has to offer this race its always something different from of the point of view of racers, fans and sponsors, with 14 pit areas, the race start at 3000 ft and goes as high to 8000 ft, even we can expect hot weather in Vegas and warm to cool at Reno at the finish line, and 559.3 miles of racing BITD plans to bring again another world class event.

Bryan Freeman its more confident about the race: " we really know two or three things about this desert, this its my backyard, I learned here all about racing since I was a kid, we are really prepped for this long race, we checked the course on the prefun run, and once again this would be a very tough event, Best in the Desert really did a great course and the event will be a blast, we are still on the last details of the game plan, probably we are going to split the driving, but I tell you what, we are ready to roll the dice and bring another victory to the team, concluded Freeman.

The event schedule starts Thrusday morning with contingency and tech inspection at Las Vegas Southpoint casino, on Friday morning the race starts at Pahrump 60 miles west of LV, and continues north until we pass Tonopah and head up trhu Dayton on the outskirts of Reno Nevada, the awards celebration will be on Saturday afternoon at the Sands Regency hotel in Reno.

2007/08/28 | 12:38 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vildosola Racing

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