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BITD 2008: Team Hummer sweeps Production Classes at Terribles´s 250

An hour before sunrise, on a 50 degree Southern Nevada morning in the shadow of Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino, 129 cars and trucks staged for the first of three 84 mile laps in the second event on Best in the Desert’s 2008 racing schedule, the ‘Terrible’s 250 at Primm’. Although a record 266 cars and trucks were entered in the event, Best in the Desert officials split the race into two groups, running one in the morning and another in the afternoon, to limit congestion out on the course.

Team Hummer’s three entries were all in the morning race and Class 8100 for Stock Production Full-Size Pickups was the first truck class off the line. Team Hummer’s Josh Hall started second in class 8100 driving the #H2 SUT with Sam Cothrun in the second seat and Brian Dooley from the popular website riding in the media seat (The H2 has three seats). Next off the line for Team Hummer was Chad Hall and Thad Stump in the H3 Alpha SUV (Stock Production Full-Size SUV) followed a few minutes later by Rod Hall and Nick Richards in the Team Hummer H3 Stock Production Mid-Size SUV.

With all 129 cars and trucks out on the course and fully engaged in the race, it didn’t take long to realize that in spite of a mild breeze, the dust was blinding for everyone except the first car on the course. Josh Hall, in the #8111 Team Hummer H2 caught up to Greg Foutz in the Ford F-250 within the first two miles of the race and passed him a little further on when Foutz laid his truck over on it’s side trying to get around a buggy that had rolled in the middle of the course. He held the lead until race-mile 42 when Larry Tunnell, Jr. passed him in the Chevrolet.

The H2 was trapped in the dust of the Chevy for 40 miles, until the end of lap #1, when Tunnell had to pit for fuel, putting the H2 back in the lead. The second lap was almost a replay of the first for Hall and Tunnell, with the H2 holding the lead again until race-mile 42 when the #8106 got by him again and again the H2 followed in his dust until just before the finish line area. Suddenly, the Chevy turned right off the course with a broken pitman arm putting the H2 out in front at the start of the final lap. After taking on fuel and putting Jason Jacopian in the media seat, Josh was off again until race mile 19, when the H2 suffered a broken tie rod, almost rolling the truck. At this point the word from the main pit was that the H2 had a 28-minute lead on John Griffin’s Ford F-350 now running in second place.

The tie rod replacement took a record 9 minutes and 30 seconds according to our in-car camera and was accomplished so quickly because both Cothrun and Jacopian had replaced two tie rods at Parker and knew exactly what had to be done. Hall drove a cautious race the last 60 miles and took the first win of the day for Team Hummer, finishing 12 minutes in front of Griffin’s Ford F-350.

Chad Hall in the Team Hummer H3 Alpha was first off the line in Class 4100, starting about 10 minutes behind Josh. After his third place finish at the SCORE ‘San Felipe 250, Chad and the crew from GM had done a considerable amount of testing in Parker, Arizona to work out the suspension problems, which have been an issue since the truck made it’s debut at the ‘Baja 1000’ in November. From the start of the race, it was obvious that the H3 Alpha was working better than it ever had in the past as he jumped out to the early lead and held it all day long. He stopped once, at Pit #1 on the second lap for fuel and ran a trouble free race winning Class 4100 by over 25 minutes.

Team owner, Rod Hall, was the third Team Hummer entry out on the course in the H3 SUV. Hall started second in Class 3100 behind last years points champion, Mike Falkowsky in the Ford Explorer but it wasn’t long before the H3 took over the lead. Rod held the lead and pitted for fuel at Pit #1 on Lap two, when Mike Winkel took over with John Chapman in the navigator’s seat. Winkel got back onto the course with a 20-minute lead over Falkowsky in the #3101 Ford and extended his lead to almost 45 minutes at the start of the third and final lap.

Winkel heard some rattling from the back of the truck and pulled into Pit #1 after suspecting that he had a problem with the rear leaf spring. After the team did an inspection it was determined that the outer wrap of the mounting eyelet on a rear spring had cracked but that it was not a critical failure since the main section of the eyelet was in tact and the #3111 H3 headed back out on the course. The #3111 Team Hummer H3 crossed the finish line with a 47 minute lead over Falkowsky in the second place #3101 Ford for our third production class victory of the day.

In the race for the 2008 Best in the Desert Silver State Series Production Class Points Champion-ships, Josh Hall and the H2 SUT lead by 9 points in Class 8100, Chad Hall and the #4111 H3 Alpha SUV have a 7 point lead in Class 4100 and Rod Hall, in the #3111 H3 SUV is tied for the lead in Class 3100.

On a final note, in their first race behind the wheel, Emily Miller and Jake Povey teamed up to finish in second place, driving the #1810 Team Hummer H2 SUV, in the Sportsman Class. This is the same truck, which Josh Hall drove in Class 4100 for the past 3 years and it ran trouble free throughout the two-lap race. Congratulations to Emily and Jake on a great race.

2008/05/06 | 12:33 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Rod Hall

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