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BITD: Team Hummer takes the Podium in Casino Parker 425.

Team Hummer extended its 22-race streak of placing a Hummer atop the podium with two class wins at the "Best In the Desert Racing (BITD)" Association's season opener, the Blue Water Resort and Casino Parker "425", February 3 in Parker, Arizona (USA). Team Hummer owner and 39-year Baja 1000 veteran, Rod Hall, and his sons Josh and Chad entered their stock-class H3, H2 and H1 Alpha in this year's race, which consisted of three 136-mile laps in the desert east of Parker. An additional two miles added to the first lap; three miles added to the last lap; and more than 18 miles of the "Parker Python," a series of jumps and curves in front of the main pit brought the total race distance to more than 433 grueling off-road miles. The combination of rock, silt and sand made the race especially treacherous resulting in only 103 of 238 entries finishing the Parker.

Josh Hall and the #4111 H2 extended their winning streak to three consecutive class victories with his class win at Parker. Not only did Hall win the 4100 Full-Stock SUV Class, Hall and the H2 were the first of all stock class vehicles to finish the race. Hall crossed the finish line after 11 hours, 20 minutes, 8 seconds. "The H2 continued to demonstrate why it is the production class vehicle to beat on race day," said Josh Hall. "The combination of performance, reliability and four-wheel drive helps that vehicle compete above its class." Hall finished 49th overall, one place ahead of the other Team Hummer class winner, the #8111 H1 Alpha.

Team Hummer's newest addition, the #8111 H1 Alpha, was piloted by six-time Baja 1000 winner, Chad Hall. The H1, introduced at the 2006 Terrible's Town 250, came into Parker seeking its first class victory in the 8100 Full-Stock Truck Class. Hall and the H1 Alpha found victory and more, finishing first in class, as well as 50th overall. Hall and the H1 finished in 11 hours, 25 minutes, 24 seconds. "2006 was a learning year with the new truck and we were due for a win," said Hall. "The team did a great job preparing the truck, giving us a chance to demonstrate the potential of the Duramax on race day."

Team Hummer's third entry, the #3111 H3 fell victim to a number of minor issues, that when compounded put the truck out of the race. The H3 was piloted by Rod Hall, 2006 Parker 425 mini-stock class winner and 2006 SCORE International mini-stock class season champion. Hall and the H3 were running strong, heading into the second lap with more than a 30 minute lead over the nearest mini-stock competitor, when Hall and co-driver noticed a transmission fluid leak after mile 32. After investigation, they discovered an engine mount bolt missing, and the engine bouncing loose. As a result the transmission cooler line had broken, dumping transmission fluid from the vehicle. "Once we discovered the cause of the issue, we were able to limp the truck into pit 2 for repair," said Hall. "The team did a great job getting it fixed and back running."

After an hour stop at Pit 2, mile 54, Hall and the H3 were back running strong, making up time until an electrical problem put the truck into a limp mode at mile 111 on the second lap. Not being able to identify the issue, Hall and team ended their day short of the finish. "It's disappointing not to get a class win with every vehicle," said Rod. "But I'm really proud of the team and everything they did to get two-thirds of our entries across the finish line in first place."

Team Hummer's next scheduled race is the BITD Terrible's Town 250, April 27-29, 2007. In addition to being the 15th consecutive season the Hall family has raced Hummer products, 2007 also represents a significant milestone in off-road racing history, as Rod Hall prepares to compete in the 40th anniversary of the Baja 1000, November 12-18. Hall is the only off-road racer to have competed in every Baja 1000 in a four-wheeled vehicle and with 18 class wins, is the most successful racer in Baja history. Moreover, the combination of the Hall family's 26 victories at the 1000 has earned them the title as the most successful family in Baja 1000 racing history.

Team Hummer was founded by legendary off-road racer Rod Hall in 1993. Since then, Rod and his sons Josh and Chad have compiled 11 class wins at the Baja 1000; 49 podium finishes in the Best in the Desert (BitD) Racing Association series; and five BitD class championships. Team Hummer competes with the H1 Alpha, H2 and H3 in the stock class, which features production-based vehicles with stock frames, stock suspension designs and production-based engines. For more information about Team Hummer, visit [ www.rodhallracing ].

2007/02/06 | 12:09 CET | Editor: MR/HS/GM

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