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British ORC: Report about the 4th round in Seven Sisters

Blazing sunshine but even hotter competition made the fourth British Off Road Championship round at Seven Sisters one of the most exciting comp safaris this year. The course created by the Marches marshals team was a flowing combination of smooth and rough, testing the competitors’ mettle.

Keith Lewis, reigning BORC champion, sped off the line and put in a phenomenal first run time of 10.04. He was soon challenged by Colin Gould, hot on his heels just four seconds behind, and Richard Kershaw just 17 seconds behind that.

Simon Bown had problems on the first run, but soon battled with Colin, Keith and Richard, all dominating the top four positions, getting quicker and quicker each run. Alec Lofthouse, Ryan Cooke, Tim Marsh and Carl Duffield - all excellent drivers with proven vehicles - also put in some very competitive times but were unable to push the top four out of position. Richard Kershaw showed that even with first year teething problems he can challenge top-runners in the GSR 206 Evo9. With top 3 times for all of the 7 runs on day 1, Sunday saw him retiring with a bent driveshaft.

Colin and Simon wrestled for the fastest time, and eventually shared the astonishing time of 8.55. Keith knew it was possible for him too, but opted for a steadier time and less chance of breakage, and took 3rd place. Simon’s sterling efforts made up a huge amount of the time lost on his first run, but Colin kept vehicle and focus together to win the event with a 26 second lead.

The next and final round of BORC at Sweet Lamb on 28th/29th October promises to be fiercely competitive. With the championship up for grabs and so many competitors with potential to take it, it’s definitely one to watch!

Overall results - top 10

01 | Colin Gould | Mattserati
02 | Simon Bown | Landrover Special
03 | Keith Lewis | Simmbugghini
04 | Tim Marsh | TMC 4x4
05 | Carl Duffield | Tornado 2
06 | Alec Lofthouse | Lofthouse Proto LD4
07 | Jim Lawrence | Tomcat
08 | Ryan Cooke | Landrover Special
09 | Tom Rimell | Landrover M Challenger
10 | Linden Jackson | Tomcat 106

2006/09/25 | 13:06 CET | Editor: MR/British ORC

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