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Central Europe Rally Special-Newssection (1st round Dakar-Series 2008)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Central Europe Rally 2008, the first round of the new Dakar-Series. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Central Europe Rally: Hungarian Szalay Team ready to roll

The Szalay Dakar Team and the Opel Antara RR is done with the scrutineering. The most successful Hungarian Dakar team was the first to do their duty in the tents standing on the Felvonulási square. Besides the early morning and the rainy weather there were spectators around. During the day more and more people gathered, especially at the exit of the scrutineerings with good reason: they were waiting for Carlos Sainz, Marc Coma, Despres or, the nine - time champion of the Dakar, Stephan Peterhansel to turn out to the road going to Hosök square. As for Balázs Szalay’s team, the Hungarian competitor also parallel the organizer of the competition said that "everything is fine, but I have never thought, that organizing the rally requires so many subtasks. Next year we will have more experience, and more time to organize the competition. I am waiting for the start and - despite of being tired - we would like to be the best Hungarian duo."

We hope that weariness will not impair the competition, though it is likely that the last weeks’ hard work will take away seconds on the Central European Rally starting on Saturday morning. On the race Balázs Szalay will not race together with László Bunkóczi this time, as he is busy with the organization of the event called "Hello Spring". Balázs Szalay will scorch together with an old friend, György Tóth, with whom they Szalay have already raced previously on international and national competitions.

The Szalay Dakar Team is participating in the rally with 6 units. Daniel Saskin and Marin Frcko are members of the regional Mol Dakar team will compete with an Opel for the team. In the motorbike category Péter Szilvásy will be in the team, who was ill for a long time after the Dakar, but now waiting for the rally "with glaring eyes". Emauel Gyenes form Romania will also be at the start after the despair of the cancelled Dakar, and Gábor Saghmeister with Hungarian ancestry is entering the rally in Serbian colors also all expect the best.

We left the truck-trio for the end, knowing what Zsolt Darézsi is capable of, but it is very likely, that from now on we will mention the strengthened unit first: Bea Bahor Ifj. János Tóth’s previous navigator is working for the unit’s success with Róbert Kiss.

The first stage of the Dakar series - along with the other events organized by the A.S.O.- is expected to be very exciting and brings a real star-parade to our country. The rally that will make an excursion to Romania too form Monday consists of 7 stages and 11 selectives. Altogether 260 competitors (110 motorbikes, 19 quads, 91 cars and 40 trucks) registered for the race to reach the finish on 26 April on Balatonfüred. The field will ride 2713 kms of which 1092 kms are the measured stretches.

2008/04/20 | 02:22 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Szalay

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