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Central Europe Rally Special-Newssection (1st round Dakar-Series 2008)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Central Europe Rally 2008, the first round of the new Dakar-Series. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Central Europe Rally: What they said inside the KTM Moto-Team.

First edition of the Central Europe Rally about to start! It's been almost four months since the cancellation of Dakar 2008, but finally the start of the Central Europe Rally gives the competitors their first chance to race again. Of course the KTM team is also happy to be at the start of this new event, which has been organized by ASO in a very short time. KTM has worked very hard on the development of a "Light Version' of the rally 690. A smaller fairing and front fuel tank and a slightly different geometry should give the bike a better handling and higher speed in the corners. Marco Coma and Cyril Despres will be riding this new bike during the Central Europe Rally. This conversion kit will be available for KTM customers as well in the near future.

Hans Trunkenpolz: "It's a bit early in the season, but organizing such a new event in two for ASO unknown countries is not easy and we totally understand this. The stages are short, which doesn't necessarily mean we're topfavourit. But off course we will ride aggressively as we always do.

ASO still has the biggest impact by far when it comes to media coverage, which means a lot to us. 2008 is an interesting year, because everybody is curious what will happen. For us rally is still as important as ever."

Marc Coma: "It's a good thing we have a race in front of us. This rally and the conditions are new for everybody, and we have to see where we are. We have a modified bike, which should give me more speed in the corners. "

Jordi Viladoms: "I have trained a lot, and physically I'm a lot better than last year when I head to recover from my injuries. This rally is a good training, we have to adapt to the new terrain and the new conditions. This also means chances are more equal, but I'm very motivated to stay on top."

Francisco Lopez: It's the first race in the new Dakar series, which is very important for the sponsors. For me it's my second rally for KTM, after my fifth place in Dubai last November. After this rally I go to Sardinia, Brazil and Dubai, to prepare for Dakar 2009 which will be held in my backyard. "

David Casteu: "We all want to win, but some of the best enduro-riders of the world are competing here and the conditions are not like we're used to in rally-raids. I will compete in all the races of the world championship rally-raid, the main goal is to get ready for 2009. "

Cyril Despres: I'm feeling great; it's good to see everybody here as rally is such a big part of my life. One month ago we've been testing a prototype of the Rally Light. The bike is very stable, and offers good traction and acceleration. Now we have to find out who's competitive and who's not, riding lighter bikes. "

2008/04/19 | 23:42 CET | Editor: MR/HS/KTM

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