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CORR 2006: Tough Weekend For Taylor Racing.

The Lucas Oil CORR series came to Bark River, Michigan for the first of two visits this past weekend. The weekend called for mild temperatures with chance of rain throughout the weekend. The rain did come, but the brief shower only had an effect on just race on Saturday.

The Bark River Lions Club, the organizers of the event, added a set of jumps/whoops, new for 2006, that were constructed in the first straightaway on the backside of the track that could cause trouble if you didn't pick the right line.

After dominating the Pro-2 division with back to back wins in Crandon, Scott Taylor and his #8 Skyjacker Suspensions BFGoodrich Tires Ford F-150 were looking to build on their recent success. Unfortunately during the Friday practice session, Scott knew the truck wasn't performing up to his expectations. Throughout the evening and into the next morning the team continued to chase the "new truck" gremlin.

Saturday - Round 5

When the green flag dropped Scott knew his truck was running well off the pace. The goal for the day was to stay on the lead lap and hopefully collect a handful of points. At the flag Scott finished in tenth place and was able to pick up six points.

As soon as the truck was clean, Scott and his crew continued to brainstorm until the engine problem was solved. When Sunday morning practice came around, Scott Taylor ran some of the fastest lap times of the weekend. It looked like Taylor Racing was ready for battle.

Sunday - Round 6

Just as all sixteen Pro-2 trucks were lined up for the start, white smoke began to coming out of the #8 Skyjacker Suspensions BFGoodrich Tires Ford F-150. At the drop of the green flag, Scott came of out Turn One in sixth place. Almost immediately the truck began to run on seven cylinders, undaunted Scott kept charging to the front. On lap 4 Scott was in third place, right behind the #7 truck of Scott Douglas. On lap 5 the two Ford trucks passed the leader, #29 Steve Barlow. On the same lap Scott and the #7 passed each other back and forth for the lead. On lap 6 as Scott was in second place when he came to the new jump section of the track and went end over end. The section of the track is marked with huge implement tire buried partially in the ground. The truck clipped one of these tires and landed on another causing the truck to flip end over end. Fortunately Scott was able to walk away from this high-speed mishap. Round 6 was over and Scott Taylor was credited with a fifhteenth place finish.

"After Crandon I thought we had gotten rid of all the new truck gremlins. The damage to the motor was probably caused from the Saturday run," commented Scott Taylor. "The lean condition was fixed for today, but the damage was already done. The truck still ran incredible. My spotters kept telling me about the smoke and to check the gauges, but I just kept quiet, trying to get around Douglas. I think I was just over drove the truck at the wrong spot. Fortunately I'm okay and truck came out of it with minimal damage. Even on seven cylinders we challenged for the lead. I just can say enough about how important it is to have Skyjacker Suspension as a sponsor. Their program allowed us to really get a quick handle on the suspension setup for this new truck. As always the best off-road tire in the market is BFGoodrich. For over 30 years I have used BFGoodrich tires, nothing is better."

2006 Pro-2 Championship standings (after six rounds):

01 I Todd LeDuc I 55 pts.
02 I Jerry Whelchel I 51 pts.
03 I Steve Barlow I 48 pts.
04 I Scott Taylor I 47 pts.
04 I Scott Douglas I 47 pts.

2006/07/13 I 14:13 CET I Editor:

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