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CORR 2007: Scott Taylor has strong hhowing in Southern California.

After a solid qualifying run, Scott Taylor was looking to land on the podium at his first US-American CORR race of the year. The brand new Russ Wernimont designed race truck, has had early success in the WSORR series, now the team was looking to do the same in Championship Off-Road Racing. The newly constructed Chula Vista International Raceway at the Quarry, was a venue most competitors could never envision. Some of the unique features of the .9 mile track includes huge elevation changes, two 30 deg. Banked turns, and "ski jump" that send the big trucks over 125 feet before landing.

Saturday morning, Scott was running well in practice when he slowly rolled the truck going through Turn 4. Fortunately the truck only suffered minor cosmetic damage. The crew was confident the #8 Skyjacker BFGoodrich Tires Ford F-150 would be ready.

PRO-2 Baldwin Cup Qualifier - Round 3

The starting lineup saw CORR officials invert the top four qualifiers. This put Scott Taylor on the outside of the front row. The rolling start saw Scott put the Roush horsepower to the BFGoodrich Tires and grabbed the lead going into Turn One. Quickly, the top 5 trucks from qualifying would be locked into a race long battle. In the end, Scott landed a hard fought third place finish.

"Our race went pretty well, we need to work on our suspension setup," states Scott Taylor. "Overall, our new truck is really working well. I had one problem the last three laps. The steering column loosened up, and would move up and down. It was interesting, but we came home on the podium." Official Results: 1st - Carl Renezeder, 2nd- Ricky Johnson, 3rd-Scott Taylor. Now Taylor Racing had only a few hours to get ready, for Round 5 of the CORR PRO-2 Championship.

CORR PRO-2 Round 5

Again CORR lined up the field the same way as the Qualifier round. The start saw Scott miss a shirt, allowing Vandenhuvel, Johnson, and MacCachern to get by heading into Turn One. Once again the same five drivers, as in the Cup Qualifier, battled for position. Again at the flag, Scott fought his way to a third place finish. Official Results: 1st - Rob MacCachern, 2nd-Ricky Johnson, 3rd-Scott Taylor.

Afterwards Scott commented, "We still have some work on the suspension, especially the front shocks. Tonight Russ and I will change a few things, and we’ll get this bad boy really going. Everything else on the truck is working really well. Our engine and trans temperatures are perfect. It’s really hard to get these trucks to cool properly and this new truck cools really well."

Overnight, Scott, Russ, and the crew went over the truck and performed the usual between rounds maintenance. Russ went to work on the shock package, making a spring change in an effort to get a better handle on the stutter bumps and front straight triple jump.

CORR PRO-2 Round 6 Qualifying

The two lap qualifying session saw the #8 Skyjacker BFGoodrich Ford F-150 grab the runner-up spot. The suspensions changes had made a difference. Chief Engineer Russ Wernimont commented, "We made a change with what we brought to the track. There’s still room for improvement, but I like the direction we are headed."

CORR PRO-2 Round 6

The top six qualifiers were inverted for the rolling start. This put Scott on the third row. The start saw Scott move into the fifth spot. The first few laps there was a lot of tight racing, and Scott was looking to just stay out of trouble. Then on lap 5, the truck lost its steering headed into Turn 3. This put an end to the weekend for Taylor Racing.

After returning to his hauler Scott commented, "That truck really has some power, its unreal. Going down the front straight and up the inclines, it was unreal. That Roush motor really works. We were on our way. We were just getting into a rhythm; I think we had something for the competition. The steering box didn’t break; it was the piece that activates the links that broke. We’ll build a better piece, and won’t have that problem again."

Next race for Taylor Racing is June 23-24, in Crandon, Wisconsin for the WSORR Forest County Potowatomi Brush Run.

2007/06/13 | 18:44 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Mike Reusche

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