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Dakar 2007: Jan de Rooy has to give up due to broken engine.

For Jan de Rooy the 29th edition of the Dakar only brought bad luck. Like 3 years ago De Rooy dropped out 2 days before the rest day; also with a broken engine. After a broken transfer case during the first stage in Portugal and a penalty of 5 hours, it was already clear that the rally was over for the ambitious haulier from Son. He did a few good stages after that first one but he chances for the stand were almost zero. At the beginning of today’s Special, after a liaison of 414 kilometres it all ended with a blown up engine.

At the moment of the disaster, Hugo Duisters was already gone but after a while he sensed something and went back to find out what was wrong with Jan. However, when he found Jan he had to go back to the start, according the regulations, after which he drove towards Jan. After quite a delay, both Jan de Rooy and Hugo Duisters realized that they couldn’t solve the problem, so Hugo left for his Special. His goal is to arrive at the bivouac tonight, if possible within the maximum time allowed, and assist Gerard.

Gerard de Rooy did what he was expected and stayed as closed as possible to Hans Stacey, waiting for a chance. The battle in the front was between Stacey, who took the lead from the beginning on, Gerard de Rooy, Ilgizar Mardeev and for a long time also Wuf van Ginkel.

It is entirely clear that Mardeev is the 1st man of the Kamaz Team after Tchaguine dropped out. He started very fast and at CP1 he was even ahead of de Rooy junior, but at the end he had to acknowledge his master, Gerard de Rooy, who enjoyed a terrific day, certainly during the last part of the narrow and fast Special.

De Rooy heard the news about his father only after arrival at the bivouac and was not interested anymore in the rankings. He finished 2nd, 14.07 minutes behind Stacey. Mardeev needed 2.05 minutes more. MAN’s second man, Jacquot took the 4th place at 23.23 minutes, 19 seconds ahead of the Brazilian TATRA pilot de Azevedo. Wuf van Ginkel finished 6th at 34.27 minutes. At 8.45 p.m. this evening only 11 drivers had passed the finished.

For the overall standings this means that Stacey is 48.42 minutes ahead of de Rooy and 1.46.39 hour of Mardeev. The Czech Loprais takes the 4th place at 2.42.44 hours, Wuf van Ginkel the 5th place at 2.43.46 hours.

2007/01/11 | 22:53 CET | Editor: MR/De Rooy

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