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Dakar 2008: Ginaf Rally Powerwill play two important trump cards.

Marcel van Vliet and Wuf van Ginkel will have a serious stab at making it into the Dakar’s top five this year. Last year, Van Ginkel finished fourth, so he has already had a sniff of the podium. Van Vliet has set his mind to finishing among the top three, and hence realizing Ginaf Rally Power's ambitions. Experienced racer Anne Kies will be supporting the fast GRP duo in the quick-response assistance truck.

Wuf van Ginkel will be embarking on his sixth Dakar Rally. The 39-year-old technical manager of Ginaf Service in Ederveen is hitting the desert in good spirits. "Things are looking good. We’ve got a tremendous truck for the coming rally. And at first sight, the route seems to suit us. The Ginaf is extremely strong in the sand and camel grass. We’re really going for the top spots. We will also, of course, need a bit of luck. If all goes well, I won’t rule out ending up on the podium."

Wuf van Ginkel is part of a three-man team with experienced navigator Willem Tijsterman (52) and mechanic Richard de Rooy (38). Marcel van Vliet is, with Wuf van Ginkel, the second trump card that Ginaf Rally Power is playing. This independent entrepreneur from Nieuwekerk aan de IJssel is making his debut in the Ginaf Rally Power team. 37-year-old Van Vliet, who lives in Dubai, will compete in the monster rally for the fifth time in 2008.

He is a technically highly skilled driver, and he is extremely eager to get the race underway in Lisbon. "I’m really looking forward to the coming Dakar Rally. I’m very happy to be part of this team. Ginaf Rally Power has seen to every last detail, and the truck is in tip-top condition for the start. Ginaf has proved that it has an extremely effective concept. I will therefore give my all to realize this team’s ambitions."

Marcel van Vliet will be accompanied in the cabin of the 950hp Ginaf by 35-year-old navigator Simon Koetsier and chief mechanic Gerard van Veenendaal (40). The quick-response assistance truck will be driven by 55-year-old Anne Kies. Together with Michel van Herpen (41) and young Erwin Lagerweij (23), Kies will have to make sure the quick-response assistance truck keeps up with Van Vliet and Van Ginkel until the finish in Dakar.

Anne Kies, who already competed in the Dakar on a motorcycle, will appear on the starting line of the world's greatest motorsport feast for the eleventh time. The fast and very reliable Anne Kies knows what is expected of him in his first time as a member of the Ginaf Rally Power team. "The brief is perfectly clear", Kies explained. "I shouldn’t drive too fast, keep the truck in one piece and drive right behind Wuf and Marcel, in case one of them breaks down..."

The Ginaf Rally Power team heads for Lisbon with three race trucks, an 8x8 service truck, a Toyota Land Cruiser assistance vehicle, and its own press car (Jeep) on December 31st. This excellent team from Ederveen will also be supported by Ginaf Rally Service, which completes the Ginaf Rally Power team with a 6x6 assistance truck and a Toyota assistance vehicle.

2007/12/22 | 14:41 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Ginaf Rally Power

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