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Dakar 2009: Hungarian Teams in today´s stage 8.

The battle of the Dakar Rally continued on the territory of Argentina and Chile. The filed stayed at Valparaiso yesterday, where every team had a chance to renew the vehicles and remedy other problems. Blissfully, today no changes were made on the route and the contestants had to do a 294 km mountain drive both uphill and downhill. The course was loaded with u-turns and narrow stony paths presuming a fast and technical drive. Today?s total was 652km long with an initial warm up stretch of 245km and a 113km cool down period liaison.

The Szalay Dakar Team´s only unit still in race is the Balazs Szalay-Laszl? Bunkoczi duo with an Opel Antara RR finished the stretch of today as 24th, and with his achievement are having the 51st place in the absolute list. This was the first day of the unit of this year´s Dakar when nothing exceptional happened, they not even had a flat tire.

Balazs Szalay summarized today´s events as follows: "We caught up with our first encounterer at the 4th km and from that on we started to enjoy the stage. We managed to pass 26 cars altogether, at the end we made a hobby of it. We were not counting the motorists after a while. While overtaking we were constantly driving in heavy dust that was sometimes very dangerous. We stopped a couple times because we did not see anything. We were going dynamically, in spite of the fact that we could only drive in our own tempo when the road was clear of dust. We are glad for the 24th place, so tomorrow will not have to do so much overtakes."

No change can be reported on the front field scores, the first three places are sill taken by the Volkswagen team. Sainz is leading, De Villiers follows and on the third place according to today´s scores would be Marc Miller, if today was the last stage.

The Palik-Darazsi unit is keeping their fine position, with today´s 13th arrival they stand 12th in the overall. Close behind them is Zapletal the 13th, who gained the best time today among the participants with Hungarian licenses. He finished the stage on the exclusive 11th place. Liszi´s unit run in as the 44th best, this contributed to their 54th position in the overall.

On Monday the field of the Dakar will wander from Serena to Copiapo, where they plan to camp for two days, as on Tuesday they will run a loop. But let´s see what is up for tomorrow! The Acatama found in Chile is considered to be the driest desert on Earth. The organizers will put in the filed there and a 449km measured stretch is set to prove the ability of the racers. The stage will contain rocky parts but the long dunes will also be on the palette.

2009/01/11 | 22:39 CET | Editor: MR/HS/

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