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Dakar 2009: Roma & Coma stars of a special day of tests

The Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart organised a practice session with Nani Roma at the wheel of the car that Repsol will take to the forthcoming Dakar 2009: the new turbo-charged Mitsubishi Racing Lancer all decked out in the team colours. A large group of journalists from different Spanish media were able to experience first hand the same sensations as Lucas Cruz, Roma`s co-driver, has when he sits alongside the Repsol driver and tries to wring the last drop of power out of a car that has been developed intensely over the last few months.

Professionals from several TV channels were also able to enjoy the thrills that are experienced when sitting in a car prepared to take on the challenges that have to be tackled in a tough race like the Dakar. A mini-camera installed inside the cabin will let viewers get a short glimpse of how tough a time a co-driver has in a raid.

The drive took place at Las Comes, close to Manresa Barcelona, with its more than 500 hectares specially dedicated to open air sports. A circuit of 4 650 metres allowed Nani Roma to get the most out of the Mitsubishi Racing Lancer Turbodiesel.

One of Roma`s companions today was his friend and Repsol rider, Marc Coma. Both have won the Dakar on motorbikes - Nani Roma in 2004 & Marc Coma in 2006 - but today they were in the turbo-charged Mitsubishi Racing Lancer with Nani at the wheel. Coma enjoyed his ride just like all the other journalists and special guests that were present, such as the famous chef Karlos Arguiñano. All of them excited by the heart-stopping sensations provided by this car with its weight of 1 900kg and its 6 cylinder turbo-charged engine with peak power of 280bhp.

Nani Roma: "I think this was a great idea and experience, the setting is spectacular and the track is representative of what we sometimes come across. There were zones with ditches and jumps where the press could feel how well the car works and experience all the thrills. The good thing is that this type of act means that you are doing something dynamic, something that is not usual, something that lets those that work with you and around you enjoy their own passion. It is fun to give a good time to people like Marc [Coma] and Karlos [Arguiñano] in a car, something that is really your work tool. You cannot do this on a bike but you can in a car and at the same time you can entertain journalists. Today we offered these professionals a chance to see what it actually feels like to be driven around in this type of car. This means that they can understand better what actually happens in a competition."

Marc Coma: "This was a really good experience. We were able to compare the speeds and the sensations you get in the Mitsubishi and on the KTM, and even do some jumps together. I think this was an interesting and fun idea, doing something like this is something unique. The circuit was also just right, so it has been a complete day. Afterwards Nani took me for a drive and I was co-driver, I also enjoyed myself in this position. I think that the potential of the new diesel car is impressive, and I hope that it has a lot of success."

2008/11/26 | 08:57 CET | Editor: MR/HS/David Martínez Pato

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