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Dakar 2009: The other challenge - moving 180 tonnes over 10.000 km.

The work to prepare the Dakar 2009 began a few months ago in the Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart Team`s logistics department when it learnt that the legendary African race was changing to another continent across the Atlantic Ocean. That was when the arrangements to get ready for the race really began, and the operation that moves behind the scenes, supplying Stéphane Peterhansel, Nani Roma, Luc Alphand and Hiroshi Masuoka, got into gear.

Everything that can be anticipated beforehand means less work when the cars are racing, so that "since the ASO announced in February which countries the cars would drive through we got right down to work, and as we got more information, around May or June, we have been able to be more accurate with the preparations" says David Serieys, Director of Logistics at the Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart. He is the director of the orchestra that carries out all the transport duties, of material and people, making sure that everything is synchronised so that he can concentrate on anything that crops up unexpectedly, for example, when the assistance vehicles have to go out or any other type of surprise that typically occur in a race of this type.

Logistics covers all the needs that the team may have: transport of material, fuel, clothes, hotels, planes, food, taking people to the airport, material for the rest stage, etc. In a team with 65 people, with 10 000km to be crossed, there are many needs. "The work is practically the same as in Africa, and the responsibilities have not changed either. In the same way as for Africa, when the work on the preparation begins we have a blank sheet of paper and then everything is added and prepared. The venue has changed but we have a few references though because we have competed in the Rally Patagonia–Atacama, so we are not like fish totally out of water".

Although the amount of work has been the same, for this edition the time to move everything has been shorter. Everything had to be in place for the last week of November when the containers left Le Havre, France on a cargo ship chartered by the organisers, with the cars, motorbikes, quads, trucks and assistance vehicles for the Dakar 2009. The Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart is sending seven trucks and eight cars to provide assistance during the race. A load of around 650m3, that is 170 tonnes, and already on their way to Buenos Aires.

The four Racing Lancer for the race have not been sent on the ship provided by the organisers; these will be transported on 21st December from Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris on a Boeing 747 transport plane directly to Buenos Aires. To do this it is necessary to take the cars from Pont de Vaux, where the team is based, to Paris on special lorries. On the plane the security measures are very important, and the four Racing Lancer will be placed on aviation pallets loaded with a maximum of 30 litres of fuel in their tanks. The extinguishers have to be taken out and packed in special boxes, and the compressed air bottles have to be emptied. In total between nine and ten tonnes will be sent by airplane – each car weighs about 1 900kg – at the same time the trip is used to transport other parts and spares that did not go by ship. Moreover, the plan is to send a second load by plane directly to Valparaíso (Chile), where the participants get to enjoy a day`s rest on 10th January. A container has also been sent to Valparaíso with more parts and spares.

Repsol has already transported 28 000 litres of diesel fuel, especially developed in collaboration with the team, to South America: 18 000 litres to Argentina and 10 000 litres to Chile. After it arrives the team must manage and assume all the logistics, its storage and transport to each bivouac. The Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart will use two lorries in Argentina and one in Chile, and these will do relays so as to arrive at each bivouac at the right moment and supply all the fuel prepared by the Centro de Tecnología de Repsol.

Once the race is on, the team`s logistics will be in the hands of two T4 6X6 trucks which will transport mechanics, tyres, spares and equipment. These follow the same route as the competitors, always ready to help one of the four Lancer Racing if they have any kind of problem. In addition to the two T4 in the race, the team`s fleet consists of another 5 T5 trucks to transport tyres, spares and equipment and 8 SUVs for the mechanics, technicians and management. These vehicles take an alternative route to the race.

These are two more than were going to be taken to last year`s race because the number of technicians needed for the new Racing Lancer is higher, another eight have been added, "since this is a totally new car it is preferable to have more hands available to work on each one". In total there will be thirty mechanics there, five responsible for spares and storage, four body specialists, four electricians, five technicians, three for logistics, an osteopath, eighteen drivers and mechanics for the different service vehicles, three members of the team management and the eight racing drivers and their co-drivers.

A year ago the Repsol Mitsubishi Team proudly recognised that its big advantage over its main rivals was its wide experience in Africa. The fact that the race is now on another continent will balance things respect to the rest of the teams as everybody will start from zero. However, the team`s know-how, gathered over many years will once again be the ace up the sleeve of the Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart team, a team that well knows that it is attention to the smallest details that make a team great.

2008/12/19 | 12:42 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Repsol

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