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Dakar 2010: Czech Dakar Team heading towards Rally Dakar.

Czech Dakar Team represents the biggest Czech and one of the greatest European teams participating at the most difficult motorsport event in the world - Rally Dakar 2010. CDT represents 36 committed team players led by Marek Spacil. Following formation will get started on January 1st from Buenos Aires where 32nd event in the history starts.

Toyota Land Cruiser 120

Jiri Janecek - pilot: "The biggest success for us would be finishing the race. It would be daring to think about positions until final stages. We have to rely on our car and team and do our best not to make needless and costly mistakes as well as not to spend wakeful nights in desert. Competition is really huge. It is not possible to compare our cars with factory teams, but we will see how successful we are in our particular category of mass-produced diesel cars, which we finished last year at great ninth position. We have also built completely new car trying to learn from our past experience. It is lighter and more powerful having 15 horses more and better torque. The car is not even faster, but is also much better in terrain. Strong team stands for great background for our racing activities. We'll see how collaboration works and its influence on final results at each category."

Viktor Chytka - co-pilot: "I'm keeping my feet firmly on the ground. I treat great result from last year as coincidence of luck and fortune in special stages as well as concession from organizers who were reflecting unknowingness of environment, new terrain and special circumstances. I feel that we were able to benefit from some of these measures. My goal is to finish the race! On the other hand, I realize that defending of past result is always much more difficult compared to obtaining award for the first time. Perhaps we can reach a positive outcome. I'd like to be finish within top 5 at the T2 category. During the year we were racing at the Czech championship, Central Europe Rally and Silk Way Rally. We also tested in Tunisia, so I hope we will be able to benefit from it. Regarding my personal preparation I am working on physical fitness and I am also playing hockey."

Toyota Land Cruiser 120

Dusan Kunovsky - pilot: "I am looking forward to the Dakar 2010 and I hope that we will get at good results and complete the race until the finish." Libor Latinak - co-pilot: "It is for the first time I'm in the role of navigator, but I hope that we will see finish together with Dusan."

Tatra 4 × 4 Dakar I

Marek Spacil - pilot: "I'm so glad that we managed to get completely new Tatra racing specials on board at least partially tested after a year of effort. The biggest test for our trucks is the race itself, but I believe that we will be rewarded for year-long effort and hard work. Of course we count on the fact that our trucks will face childlike problems. After all the development of such specials takes up to 5 years! We are not afraid and will do everything we can to bring both Tatra trucks to the finish, while having at least one of them within top 10. My personal preparation for the race represents regular visits to the gym. I have to dedicate a lot of time to my work obligations I was neglecting due preparation for the Dakar. I am looking forward to our departure on the December 26th from Prague. Since then I'll concentrate on the race and whole Czech Dakar Team only."

Radomir Smolka - co-pilot mechanic: "This year's Dakar is for me in many ways new - a new car, new team, new
crew. I believe that the year-long work associated with the construction of our new competitive vehicles Tatra will be rewarded by the best possible result. I hope that our trucks will not disappoint us. I expect better race compared to last year's Dakar debut in Argentina. I'm looking forward mostly to the Atacama dunes I did not see last year."

Miloslav Janacek - co-pilot navigator: "I am really looking forward to South America after several rallies in Africa. Of course I feel a little bit of respect, but I am not afraid and I hope that we will enjoy the race. I've heard a lot of about the great atmosphere in Buenos Aires and around the track. I have also heard a lot about great steaks in Argentina, so I hope that our Tatra will last until the finish. I spent last months improving my physical fitness and strengthening neck muscles. I'm an optimist so I would be very happy to finish within the top ten and as high as possible!"

Tatra 4 × 4 Dakar II

Martin Kolomy - pilot: "Although I'm going for the first time as member of the Czech Dakar Team, I am not rookie. My cooperation with Marek Spacil related to project Dakar is long-term. This year I have been offered to drive sharp racing truck. I could hardly refuse such an offer. I am sorry we did not have more time for testing. I was working 24/7 last 14 days prior departure. I believe it was the best preparation for the Dakar. I hope that we have pleasant moments ahead of us."

Zbynek Kotal - co-pilot navigator: "Participation at the Dakar represents fulfillment of my boyhood dream. It would be fantastic to finish such a demanding rally and be treated as a real asset for entire team. Competition is huge. I hope that technology will not disappoint us. I would like to also avoid of any major mistake. "

Yamaha WR 450F

Martin Macek: "I am really looking forward to entire race. Moreover I believe that my training as well as huge experience I gained thanks to Yamaha Europe Team will help me to achieve good result. I was working very hard on fitness this year focusing on strength workout, running, movement of any kind as well as on the subsequent relaxation and recreation. I am not rookie anymore so I can imagine what we are going face to. As I said I am looking forward to great atmosphere within our team, people and especially to my bike which is one hundred percent ready. I hope that my result as well as result of entire team will be the best possible to promote Czech Republic."

Jan Vesely: "What I expect from the Dakar? I do not know exactly what to expect from the rally itself, because it's first Dakar of my life. I feel great respect and expect a great test of endurance, psychology and extreme physical stress. My goal is to reach the finish in good condition."

Roman Krejci: "Dakar 2010 is my first one with starting number and it is definitely fulfillment of my longtime dream. The race as I see it is not just about driving alone. I have experience from previous years, but only as a mechanic and assistance. I would like to finish the race with the best possible result for me as well as for entire team consisting of good and experienced riders. I am looking forward riding Yamaha WR 450. I have chosen this bike because it is known for its low failure rate and also because I have many years of experience with it."

Polaris Racing Quad Outlav

Oldrich Brazina: "I have experience with Rally Dakar and I expect more challenging terrain compared to last year. I hope that machinery will not disappoint me and that everything will be fine to see finish line. I spent whole year with preparation for he rally. I went a few races on a motorcycle. I was also working on my fitness stretching entire body. I believe I am well prepared for the contest. The only thing I am afraid of is machinery."

2009/12/25 | 15:35 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Mila Janacek

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