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Dakar 2010: KTM and Red Bull presentation in "Hanger 7".

If there is anyone looking for entusiasm and motivation, needs to look no further then the KTM sports department! Whilst both Dakar Rally favourites, Marc Coma and Cyril Despres are happy with their state of readiness and doing PR work, the KTM Motocross Factory Team, is actively participating in an outdoor day in minus temperatures! This is to strengthen the team bond and motivate for the coming season.

In the last week till Christmas, it was Monday that brought happy faces. KTM Motorsport consultant Heinz Kinigardner, Dakar race winner 09 Marc Coma from Spain and the Rally ace from France Cyril Despres presented themselves in the impressive surroundings of Red Bull Hanger 7, near the Salzburg airport. A wining Combination! While both Rally pilots are well trained and ready for the coming Rally it was Motocross Icon Heinz Kinigardner who was setting the pace at the Red Bull presentation!

Heinz Kinigardner: "It really is fantastic in South America! Record crowds, The magnificent countries as a backdrop, it all breath taking. However the adventure spirit of Africa is missing, a little. In the African desert there is point where you truly are alone out there! You have to stay focused! In South America you can call your mum in the evening. In 2010 we really want all the winners in Buenos Aires, and from there we will see how things are in 2011. As the organising comity has promised a return to Africa!"

A smirking Marc Coma: "it has always been that Cyril and I would win the Rally alternately… this year how ever, my aim will be to beat the system, and Win again!"

Cyril Despres: "The air restrictors which are mandated to be run, make me think of my Moped day's! However I really impressed with what the KTM engineers have been able to give us!"

The day after the Dakar presentation in Salzburg, the KTM Factory Team headed to an outdoor park in the German city of Bad-Reichenhall.
Temperatures where below 0°C, therefore Long underpants, warm beanies and a large portion of bravery, where a basic necessity to get through the day. It was quickly established that a frozen Course of ropes and wooden planks at height where not to all tastes. However what it did bring about was being able to trust your team, and bring about a stronger bond with in that structure. This was important for the integration of the De Carli team into the KTM Factory Team. To make sure things headed of on the right foot and to lead by example it was Claudio de Carli how led the way!

A satisfied Pit Beirer: "such days spent together in a time of never ending E-mails are unbelievably important! We really are expecting a lot form our team in 2010, and the only way to achieve that is we all pull on the same rope. Obviously we demand a lot from our riders, but everyone needs to know that every part of the Team gives their own personal best".

Stefan Everts, the ten time world champion was also present and was quite impressed: "Even if many could not imagine, I too had to fight the fright, of the sheer height of this ropes course!"

2009/12/18 | 17:14 CET | Editor: MR/HS/KTM

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