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Dos Sertões: Brasilian Rally is now part of the FIA Worldcup.

For the first time in history of Cross Country rally racing, Brazil will hold a round of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup. This was settled after the Sertões International Rally organization confirmed a partnership with OTTA for the realization of the Por Las Pampas Rally round, which traditionally is realized in Argentina, allowing the South American event to be raced entirely in Brazilian territory. The start will be from the city of Goiânia (State of Goiás) and the finish line will be on a beach in a northeastern state. The event will have 10 days - starting June 17th with a nocturnal Super Prime and will finish June 28 with the award ceremony. The race will have approximately 5000kms of natural obstacles and challenges for cars, trucks, bikes and quads.

To reinforce the partnership, the event, which will be the second round of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, will be called Sertões - PLP International Rally (meaning Por Las Pampas). The initiative consolidates Brazil as an important cross country rally location due to the fact that it is a round of the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship since 2005 and last was included in the FIA calendar.

"With the cancellation of the Por Las Pampas rally in Argentina we took on the challenge of realizing the FIA World Cup with OTTA and now the Sertões is complete. The race will be a round of the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship for bikes and quads for the 4th consecutive year, and one season after the inclusion of the event in the FIA calendar we have received the privilege of being part of the World Cup for cars and trucks. I am sure that the Sertões will be very well spoken of around the world", said Marcos Moraes, Dunas Race President, company that organizes and promotes the Sertões International Rally.

"I thank very much the predisposition from Dunas to receive this round of the FIA World Cup, which could not be run in Argentina this year due to different reasons. We know the potential of Sertões event and therefore are confident on this new partnership", said David Eli, organizer of Por Las Pampas Rally.

The first round of the FIA Cross-Country Worldcup will be the Vodafone Transibérico Rally, held from May 28 to June 1st in Portugal. The third and last round is set for October 25th to 31st - UAE Desert Challenge in the Emirates. Competitors of the World Cup must participate of 3 rounds for the points to be valid for the World Cup title.

Schedule - Sertões - PLP International Rally 2008

April 24 - Briefing in São Paulo and route announcement
May 20 - End of Registration period
June 14 - Opening of Race Secretariat
June 15 - Race Secretariat and Scrutineering
June 16 - Race Secretariat, Scrutineering, Briefing for assistance teams and PressConference
June 17 - Briefing for bikes/quad and cars/ trucks, promotional start with nocturnalSuper Prime
June 18 - 1st round
June 19 - 2nd round
June 20 - 3rd round
June 21 - 4th round
June 22 - 5th round
June 23 - 6th round
June 24 - 7th round
June 25 - 8th round
June 26 - 9th round
June 27 - 10th round
June 28 - Award Ceremony

2008/04/16 | 21:02 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vipcomm

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