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Dos Sertões: Record number of foreigners at Brasil´s Dos Sertões Rally

São Paulo (Brasil) - The countdown for its 15th edition that will start off on August 8th in Goiânia, the Sertões International Rally will have a record number of international competitors ever. Overall there are 23 riders/ drivers and navigators that have guaranteed their starting position. The rally will have a total of 243 participants (among drivers, riders and navigators) distributed in 161 vehicles. There are 85 motorcycles, 63 cars, 12 trucks and 8 quads until now.

The large number of foreign riders can be explained by the fact that the Sertões Rally is part of the World Championship calendar for motorcycles and quads. Of the 23 foreign competitors 14 will be in these classes. Eight countries are being represented: Portugal, Chile, France, Belgium, Poland, Uruguay, Argentina and Norway (see complete entry list bellow).

The Frenchmen Cyril Despres, this last year’s Sertões Rally champion and two-times Dakar champion (2005 and 2007). The number of international competitors entered is a record and beats any of the last editions. In 2006 nineteen foreigners came to Brazil for the rally that is the largest off-road race of the America’s today. In 2005 they were 15 and in 2004 only 6. The 2003 edition had 10 foreigners.

If the foreigners are looking to come to the Sertões Rally in 2007 the Brazilians are also coming from diverse locations of our country. In all there will be 17 states represented among the competitors. The largest number comes from the state of São Paulo with 102, followed by Minas Gerais (19), Rio de Janeiro (18) and Paraná (15). The list also counts with participants coming from Ceará, Rio Grande do Sul, Distrito Federal, Santa Catarina, Goiás, Tocantins, Alagoas, Sergipe, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, Rondônia, Pernambuco and Maranhão.

The Sertões International Rally will cross six Brazilian states in a route that will total 4.776kms. The official entry list will be defined on August 7th in Goiânia.

See who they are and where they come from:
Portugal (nine competitors)
Victor Hugo Feleciano Carvalho (car, driver)
Antão Caçador (car, navigator)
Leandro Augusto Rosado (car, driver)
Nuno Felipe Rosado (car, navigator)
Filipe José Pires Relvas Palmeiro (car, navigator)
José Manuel Lopes Gameiro (car, driver)
João Rosa (bike)
Luis Ferreira (bike)
Pedro Bianchi Prata (bike)

Chile (three)
Carlos de Gavardo (car, driver)
Francisco López Contardo (bike)
Jaime Prohens (bike)

France (three)
Cyril Després (bike)
Ludovic Boinnard (bike)
David Casteau (bike)

Belgium (two)
Ralph Ewald Schaus (car, driver)
Vicent Prignon (car, navigator)

Poland (two)
Jacek Czachor (bike)
Marek Dabrowski (bike)

Uruguay (two)
Laurent Lazard (bike)
Javier Fernandez Diego (bike)

Argentina (one)
Edgardo Omar Vega Pata (bike)

Norway (one)
Pal Anders Ullevalsetter (bike)

2007 Sertões Rally Schedule
Aug. 5th - Opening of Race Secretariat (2-6 PM)
Aug. 6th - Race Secretariat and Scrutinnerings
Aug. 7th - Race Secretariat and Scrutinnerings
Aug. 8th - Super Special, Promotional Start and Jota Quest Pop music show
Aug. 9th - Start from Goiânia (GO) / Minaçu (GO)
Aug. 10th - Minaçu (GO) / Palmas (TO)
Aug. 11th - Palmas (TO) / Alto Parnaíba (MA) * Marathon round
Aug. 12th - Alto Parnaíba (MA) / São Raimundo Nonato (PI)
Aug. 13th - São Raimundo Nonato (PI) / Barra (BA) * Marathon round
Aug. 14th - Barra (BA) / Lençóis (BA)
Aug. 15th - Lençóis (BA) / Juazeiro (BA)
Aug. 16th - Juazeiro (BA) / Aracaju (SE)
Aug. 17th - Aracaju (SE) / arrival in Salvador (BA)
Aug. 18th - Award party

2007/08/02 | 11:26 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vipcomm

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