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East African Safari: Greates Classic Marathonrally in 2007.

The World's Greatest Classic Rally will be held again starting on 25th November 2007 from Mombasa, Kenya and ending on 3rd December 2007. We are delighted to have received two entry forms within days of launching the regulations onto our website (15th August 2007).....from David Sutton of Historic Motorsport for Stig Blomqvist and Ana Goni in a Ford Escort 'Mark 1' and a second similar car for Bjorn Waldergard whose codriver has not been announced.

Entries are restricted to 60, we would suggest entries are put in as soon as possible. Regulations and Entry Forms are available on the website The cut off date is the same as in 2005 and cars built before the end of 1974 will be allowed to enter.

The organisers have taken note of the competitors' comments at the end of the 2005 event as to how to improve the rally and will be striving hard to give everyone more of what they enjoyed most last year. As a result of this there are small changes in the service rules which are detailed in the event regulations on our website.

We are delighted with the number of people who did last year's event that want to return and have made inquires already. 22 other potential entrants have sent us emails with intentions to enter.

The 2007 rally will have the usual famous photographers, film makers and 15 journalists who did us so well last year. Reinhard Klein (who made a fantastic calendar of the 2005 event), John Davenport and other famous rally journalists will be coming. In 2005 we received an unbelievable amount of publicity in the greatest variety of magazines from countries all over the world.

The rally will be in the same format as in 2005 with 4 days rallying - one rest day - and 4 days more of rallying. There will be a ceremonial start on Saturday 24th November 2007 with a small spectator stage in Mombasa. The rally proper gets under way on the morning of Sunday 25th November 2007 at 6am in the morning. We will have a rest day in Amboseli National Park on the foothills of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The finish will be back in Mombasa on 3rd December 2007. As in 2005 the 2007 event we will enforce a "parc ferme" every night, this is to ensure the mechanics do not go without sleep.

The 2007 rally route has already been planned to give you more of what you enjoyed last year. A lot of work and effort will go into selecting the best possible route with the best possible nightstops.

The film of the 2005 East African Safari Classic Rally was shown 11 times on the South African DSTV satellite channel which covers all of Africa and the Middle East during the month of September. It was also shown on the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation which a Kenyan national TV station. Great comments from everyone who saw it and really good publicity for our Sponsors.

For more informations please visit the official website at [ ].

2006/08/28 | 17:52 CET | Editor: MR/Surinder Thatthi

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