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Erg Oriental 2007: Today last chance for lower entry fees.

The German organized "Erg Oriental Desertrally" from October 13th until October 27th in Tunisia attracts in 2007 with a good organization, cheap conditions and particularly with one: Dunes, dunes and dunes. Not less then four days the Rally will stop in El Borma - to cross the Major Dunes in the near of Libya and Algeria. According to this, the number of participants is growing every day and because of the masses of dunes and sand the Rally is a perfect opportunity for teams who wants to test for the Dakar Rally 2008 - which also offers more sand as in 2007.

The Erg Oriental belongs to no FIA- or FIM-rules and is offered as a Amateur-Rally - with own reglement and classifications. Like the "Optic 2000 Tunisia" the Rally is a adequate 14-day high-speed desert-rally for 4x4 cars, motobikes, quads and trucks, with sophisticated racetracks in the South and Southeast of Tunisia - for extremely low rates, including shipping, 2 hotel-accommodations, catering, camps and a professional medical-service, provided by the "Dakar-approved Doctors" from the German ORMS-Medicals.

Timetable and Racetracks Erg Oriental 2007

Day 01, October 13th: Shipping from Genova (Italy) to Tunis (Tunisia)
Day 02, October 14th: Arrival in Tunis and Liaison to Hammamet, 1 night in Hotel
Day 03, October 15th: Liaison to Douz, Prologue (Sand, pists)
Day 04, October 16th: Leg 1, Douz-Ain Essebat (Sand, dunes, pists)
Day 05, October 17th: Leg 2, Ain Essebat-El Borma (Sand, dunes, pists)
Day 06, October 18th: Leg 3, El Borma - Borj Khadra - El Borma (Dunes)
Day 07, October 19th: Leg 4, El Borma - El Borma (Dunes)
Day 08, October 20th: Rest Day in El Borma
Day 09, October 21st: Leg 5, El Borma - Ksar Ghilane (Sand, dunes, pists)
Day 10, October 22nd: Leg 6, Ksar Ghilane - Ksar Ghilane (Dunes)
Day 11, October 23rd: Leg 7, Ksar Ghilane - Ksar Ghilane (Dunes)
Day 12, October 24th: Leg 8, Ksar Ghilane - Matmata (Sand, pists)
Day 13, October 25th: Leg 9, Matmata - Hergla (at the Beach), Price-Giving Party
Day 14, October 26th: Liaison to Tunis, shipping to Genova (Italy)
Day 15, October 27th: Arrival in Genova (Italy)

With today's Thursday the regular entry-fees with lower rates ends, registrations are possible until September 28th. All entry-fees include all services such as organization, emergency surgeons, catering, ferry (Genova-Tunis, Tunis-Genova), hotel-Accomodation for two nights etc.

Entry fees until June 1st
Entry fees from June 1st
Motobike incl. 1 driver
1.250 EUR
1.380 EUR
Quad incl. 1 driver
1.420 EUR
1.490 EUR
Sidecar incl. 2 drivers
2.090 EUR
2.190 EUR
4x4 Car incl. 2 drivers
2.610 EUR
2.750 EUR
Car trailer
2.310 EUR
2.450 EUR
Truck up to 6m incl. 2 drivers
3.050 EUR
3.200 EUR
Truck up to 8m incl. 2 drivers
3.350 EUR
3.510 EUR
Service trailer up to 6m
1.990 EUR
2.090 EUR
Service trailer up to 8m
2.230 EUR
2.340 EUR
Extra metres for trailers
140 EUR
140 EUR
Extra persons (Service, guests)
870 EUR
970 EUR
Service cars and trucks
Rates -10% discount
Rates -10% discount

For more informations visit the official website [ ] (only in German) or contact Mr. Schekahn via Email [ ].

2007/05/31 | 13:40 CET | Editor: MR/HS

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