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Evia Rally Raid: Summary of the Evia Rally in Greece - dust and rough terrain.

800 Kilometers, dust and rough terrain were the main features of this year's "Evia Rally Raid" in Greece with bivouac situated 2 meters from sea and with routes in the central and northern Evia region. 102 contestants from Europe with motorcycles, ATVs, cars and for the first time in a Greek race buggies, raced against time and the difficult conditions due to heat and dust.

The race for the first time, "opened the door" to participants from European countries with appearances from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Albania, Austria, Germany and Greece and raised across Europe that the Greeks can make good races and win races among the big names of European Rally Raids.

Alongside was a major economic breath and showcase a beautiful region of Greece. Significant difference in the race was the center, hosted in the city center with many amenities for the competitors. One of the most spectacular ceremonies awaited the competitors with its impressive ramp to be placed in the center of Edipsos and thousands of spectators will be there to congratulate and admire the stars of the race and their racing vehicles.

Rally started on Friday, July 8 2011 with a closed circuit special playing the role of qualifying but counted in the score of the game with 3 cycles of 30 km. A round of identification and two timed built the whole day revealed to competitors and the nature of the race. Dust and demanding navigation that require strong nerves and concentration from everyone and especially the riders.

Saturday started early with the first competitors to get started at 06:00 to fight against 465klm, with 250km of special stages and a liaison route of 105 km included in the schedule, which proved very demanding so many withdrawals and late arrivals in the third special which was closed to competitors at 20:15, leaving many riders to finish late evening.

Although more than half of the race took place on Saturday, victories, both in general and the categories were not clear, leaving the competitors on foot on Sunday as the length of the stage was reduced due to weather conditions. A special 65km was the key that brought up down on motorcycles and cars with the exception of T1 in cars that differences in levels were detained Saturday.

Dimitris Athanasoulopoulos (GR) to KTM250 - M1 showed immediately to exploit the knowledge of the area and after finishing first the first special of the race threw the rhythm based on wrong estimation allowing Ugo Filoza Husqvarna511 - M2 (IT) to get the lead with Zornica Todorova KTM525 Quad (BG) placed by the first day high in the general classification ahead by Mladen Vachkov Can Am800 (BG), service that lasted until the end of the race.

In M1, the undisputed winner Athanasoulopoulos followed by Siegel a slow but steady rider and third Costas Vlahakis KTM400 M1 (GR). In the M2 Ugo Filosa (Italy), held in front Yotsov with Mimikos to end at third place with a small difference, but with time lost from badly planned refueling. In M3 with a difference of 5 minutes Johanes Lukas was in front of the teammate's Kreidl KTM690RR M3 (AT) and Yiannis Kalogirou at third place always attacking.

At the Quad - ATV absolute performance by Zornica Todorova left no room for questioning by the second Mladen Vachkov. In Buggies, the terrain made it rather easy with SS times to move around motorcycle levels. Bulgarian Edi Bagdasaryan Polaris800 (BG) ended the first day 1st followed by Prasinos Joyner650 (GR) that probably ran in a class by himself, since he was the only one who ran without a navigator.

The cars were the most difficult role in this fight, as the terrain and the route did not allow high speeds and co-drivers worked overtime to parts with complex navigation.

In the T1 Trayanov - Marinkov Toyota LC (BG), have shown for years the fixed performance with a car that really cannot impress when you look at it but the result shows how well prepared they are so that they can win under different conditions.

In the category of Z2 Normal car victory came early to the Ntais - Pap Jeep Wrangler (GR) who fought with Mitsos - Tsantila Feroza (GR) and the emerging Alexiev - Atanasov Toyota Hillux (BG) who made an excellent first appearance .

The day started late with the competitors have to cover just 160km with a 65km special, crucial in many categories, after the decision of the organisation to end the race early due to weather conditions.

On motorcycles, all eyes were turned on Athanasoulopoulos and Filoza who claimed 1st place in General Standings and M3 category. The first km of the stage found Filoza & Athanasoulopoulo to ride side by side for miles until the navigation instruments of the Italian betrayed him giving a relatively easy victory in the second who was racing in familiar places.

Behind them was detained by Zornica Todorova almost annihilated the competition at the Quad-ATV while the surprise in the M3 came from John Kalogirou managed to win the strong and fast Austrian Lucas with just 2 minutes difference winning and special.

In category T1 special was not able to change anything in the ranking Saturday. The Trayanov - Marinov held in front of the Greek crew and the foundation of class ended almost as Saturday.

Overall Results Bikes & ATV

01) D. Athanasoulopoulos KTM250EXCF M1 08:02:08
02) Ugo Filosa HUSQVARNA511 M2 08:20:18
03) Zornica Todorova KTM525 QUAD 08:49:27
04) Plamen Yotsov KTM530 M2 08:51:07
05) J. Siegel WRF450 M1 08:52:15
06) John Kalogirou BMW650X RR M3 08:53:06
07) Johanes Lukas KTM950SE M3 08:55:26
08) M. Mimikos KTM505RR M2 09:00:02
09) Mladen Vachkov CanAm800 ATV 09:02:43
10) F. Kreidl KTM690RR M3 09:09:09

Overall Results Bikes M1

01) D. Athanasoulopoulos KTM250EXCF M1 8:02:08
02) J. Siegel WRF450 M1 8:52:15
03) Kostas Vlahakis KTM400 M1 9:56:12

Overall Results Bikes M2

01) Ugo Filosa HUSQVARNA511 M2 8:20:18
02) Plamen Yotsov KTM530 M2 8:51:07
03) M. Mimikos KTM505RR M2 9:00:02

Overall Results Bikes M3

01) John Kalogirou BMW650X RR M3 8:53:06
02) Johanes Lukas KTM950SE M3 8:55:26
03) F. Kreidl KTM690RR M3 9:09:09

Overall Results Bikes Quad ATV

01) Zornica Todorova KTM525 QUAD 8:49:27
02) Todor Hristov TRX700 QUAD 11:33:34
03) A. Patras Yamaha700 QUAD 14:06:42
04) Mladen Vachkov CanAm800 ATV 9:02:43
05) Petar Cenkov CanAm800 ATV 9:23:02

Overall Results Bikes Buggies

01) Nikolai Gochev Polaris 800 UTV GPS 9:27:47
02) E. Bagdasaryan Polaris 800 UTV GPS 13:51:41
03) V. Liofagos Buyang1000 UTV GPS 28:00:00
04) Canko Cankov Polaris 800 UTV 15:27:05
05) S. Prasinos Joyner650 UTV 16:35:05
06) E. Anastasopoulos DazonArizona1000 UTV 27:00:00

Overall Results Bikes Cars T1

01) T. Trayanov I. Marinov Toyota LC Z1 8:46:43
02) S. Dimitriadis P. Kalfas Suzuki Jimny Z1 9:04:08
03) F. Koutsoubos G. Labrinos Suzuki Vitara Z1 11:54:43
04) K. Stamatakis C. Tsaligopoulos Suzuki Jimny Z1 21:55:45
05) O. Solyom M. Galbacs HAWKIA2.0 Z1 23:38:22

Overall Results Bikes Z2

01) Ntais I. Papanikolaou Wrangler 4.0 Z2 5:48:52
02) V. Balbakakis S. Theodosiadis Daihatsu Terios Z2 6:47:05
03) J. Kravaritis J. Theodorou Wrangler2.5 Z2 6:58:21
04) M. Georgiadis I. Maltabes Mitsubishi Pajero Z2 7:12:03
05) Mitsos D. Tsadilas FEROZA Z2 9:13:06
06) P. Rokanis L. Rokanis KIA Sportage Z2 10:36:39
07) P. Filis S. Giannakos Cherokee4.0 Z2 11:53:12
08) O. Alexiev E. Atanasov Toyota Hilux Z2 12:21:00
09) M. Kastrinakis M. Petousis Suzuki Jimny Z2 14:40:24
10) K. Karagianis P. Nanos LR Freelander1.8 Z2 14:53:50
11) E. Liontos M. Dimitriou Cherokee4.0 Z2 15:01:52

2011/08/11 | 17:23 CET | ARTICLE: MR/SY/STEMAKIS

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