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German Licence-Free Marathonrallys will take place as planned.

While the A.S.O.'s cancellation of the Rallye Dakar sounds like a crisis upon the French rally raid sport, international and German rallys are not endangered. All German organizers of the popular desert rallys "Libya Rally Raid" (Libya/March), "Tuareg-Rally" (Morocco/April), "Grand Erg" (Tunisia/May) and "Erg Oriental" (Tunisia/October) have announced that the events will take part as planned.

"We are shocked about the sudden cancellation of the Dakar" states "Grand Erg" organizer Joerg Russler to "but this will not affect the Grand Erg. We made good experiences in Tunisia, even in tough times during the Iraq war. The country is safe and the rally will take place as planned."

Similar updates can be heard from Gerhard Toepperwien who represents the "Erg Oriental" that is also situated in Tunisia. "The Erg Oriental will be driven without changes. Tunisia is a safe country and the rally is supported by the government. Big parts of the event will be located in the south of Tunisia and military forces will be present to guarantee security."

Rainer Autenrieth who organizes the "Tuareg-Rally" in Morocco is also moved by the Dakar disaster: "We were looking forward to a January filled with tension and lots of reports about the Dakar. This all is now missing. It is still unbelievable that the rally was cancelled. The Tuareg-Rally will not be influenced by this. We love to be in Morocco and are heartily welcomed in that country. There have never been problems with security. At the moment a lot of inquiries reach us that we all can answer positively."

All organizers sympathize with the numerous disappointed Dakar participants. "This is crazy, especially the amateurs have invested so much effort, money and work into their Dakar participation. Now those dreams are just shattered and they are left behind." moans Joerg Russler. "We are in deep sadness together with our sports colleagues. We know how much blood, sweat and tears you have invested." reports "Libya Rally Raid" organizer Wolfgang Pasetti on the rally's website.

Also the "Libya Rally Raid" will take place as planned. "The Dakar is far away from Libya and our event will be permanently assisted by the police and military forces. Libya is one of the safest countries in Northern Africa for an event like this. We have all required security guarantees from the government." says a current statement of the Libyan rally partner "Aania". "We would like to inform everyone that there is no need to be concerned." so Wolfgang Pasetti.

The German organized rallys could benefit from the sudden death of the current Dakar. Most of the affected participants have ready-to-race vehicles at home now and will want to take part in a desert rally. The low starting fees contribute to the attractiveness of the alternate options. "We are welcoming international participants - especially Dakar racers." summarizes "Grand Erg" organizer Russler in the name of all organizers.

Websites of the German desert rallys:

Erg Oriental Rally (October, Tunisia): [ ]
Grand Erg Rally (May, Tunisia): [ ]
Libya Rally Raid (March, Libya): [ ]
Tuareg Rally (April, Morocco): [ ]

2008/01/21 | 02:10 CET | Editor: MR/HS/JS

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