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Headline: Filipe Campos in the lead in Portalegre

Day 1 of the 23rd edition of the Baja BP Ultimate Portalegre 500 has made its first victim: Miguel Barbosa, who finished second overall, is now out of the race for the championship. While Filipe Campos and teammate Bernardo Moniz da Maia were first and sixth, the fact o the matter is that each day has an independent score and the best Barbosa could do in the championship would be finishing second!
But local fans had do witness a world class first half of Stage 2 by Holland’s van Deijne, who was in the lead by the time he got to CP1. Unfortunately, a mechanical problem few kilometres from the end retire van Deijne and held Campos into the lead: “This is far more quickly that I though… I’m used to drive here with heavy rain and lots of mud, but anyway things are working well for me and I just hope I can secure the title tomorrow. My teammate has also a good shot at the title… Let’s just hope it will be me!”.
Being sixth overall by the time he arrived at Parque Fermé in Portalegre, Bernardo Moniz da Maia is still in a good fighting position for the title: “This afternoon, I just tried to keep my distances from Miguel (Barbosa) and not taking any chances. As I said, I wasn’t expecting to have a go for the title, but you never know what tomorrow brings…”. Miguel Barbosa was second today, but mechanical problems were his downfall: “I never had the right suspension settings and my BMW was wobbling a bit at times. I went off some times and in one of them I nearly roll!”.
Ricardo Leal dos Santos and Hélder Oliveira were another two in the spotlight this afternoon. For the driver from Coimbra, his BMW X5 had wrong front suspension settings that ultimately had him stop in the stage just to see if the problem was with tyre pressure. It wasn’t… And Oliveira had a strong start, but he went off by the end of the stage and chose just to make it to Portalegre. Miguel Farrajota finished fifth.
As the FIA International Cup for Cross Country Bajas is concerned, leader van Deijne is out, due to mechanical problems, and Russian rival Boris Gadasin lost precious time and went down in the overall classification. On the other hand, Czech Miroslav Zlapetal is sixth and has a pretty good chance to take matters into his own hands…
Tomorrow, two stages (SS3 and SS4) and 383 kilometres are expected for the cars and another 370 for the bikes. Tomorrow we will have all the answers…

2009/10/31 02:08 CET | Szerző: MR/ACP/Kónya Rita

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