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Headline: First Pharaons Stage for the Egyptian Omar Hani

Sunday morning at 8.00 am the 12th Pharaons Rally has departed from Giza’s Pyramids. A first stop brought the pilots to Baharija, the 3000 mummies oasis, that will be the crossroads of the course of this year. All the eyes were stared on the french champion Cyril Despres, away from Egypt from 2004, but the world-beater, that should open the track, runned in a cautious way without strain. Despres also commited a route mistake that made him loose precious time, ending just on a seventh position.

Hero of the day has became the chilean Francisco Lopez, engaged for the Pharaons by Aprila Team, at ease with the beautiful italian twin-cylinder. Lopez, althoug a little navigation mistake, has been really speed and surpassed lots of the pilots that were departed first than him this morning. 03:11:34 is the time that he spent to cover the 329 Km of the special test, preceeding for a little bit more than four minutes his team mate Alex Zanotti. Alex Zanotti, from San Marino, was third last year. This year he had a very speed departure and surpassed Luca Manca, his tough enemy during the 450 of the last year. The extra-strong pilot from Sardinia, passed this year to the class "Oltre" with KTM and was the faster of the class.

Fourth position for Paolo Ceci, that completed the amazing performance of Team Aprilia. Behind him the portuguese Helder Rodriguez that preceded the polish Jakub Przygonsky andCyril Despres, hang-back of fourteen minutes and a half from the winner Lopez.

The faster car among the nineteen on the starting point was the one of the egyptian Omar Hani (Buggy Alfa Romeo). The strong pilot already proved his excellent abilities and today begun in the best way his Pharaons with a total time of 03:18:55. Behind him a trio of QT Wildcat commanded by the italians Roberto and Nicola Tovetti, separated from the winner by almost twenty minutes. Third place for Jerome Pelichet/Eugene Decrè in front of Michel Visy/Philippe Bourquin. On the fifth position cocluded the twins Aldo and Dario De Lorenzo on his Isuzu D-Max.

Monday the second stop of the Rally will bring tha caravan from Baharija to Dakhla, the big paddy field oasis. 433 are the Km to cover, 386 of which of special test.

2009/10/05 | 12:18 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Edoardo Bauer

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