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Headline: Gadasin retired but still won the Baja Cup

After three days of competition, Miguel Barbosa and Luís Ramalho driving a BMW X5, were the winners of the 21st edition of Baja ACP REPSOL Portalegre 500, that ended today in the Alto Alentejo department. Doing already his preparation for next Dakar race, Barbosa only left the lead in the 1st sector due to two punctures. In that time, it was the Russian driver Boris Gadasin who took the lead, but he had the same problem in the next section, leaving João Ramos and Rui Sousa following the leader.

Cards were reshuffled again at the end of the race with retirements of Pedro Gameiro (Nissan, gearbox), Boris Gadasin (Nissan, brakes), and Nuno Inocencio (Mitsubishi, wheel broken), this one very close to the end.

Only the last kilometres decided for the two left places of the podium, so all spectators could follow an interesting race until the end, with Sousa winning the sector and the second place in front of Ramos’ Toyota Rav 4.

But at the final scrutineering some problematic points were found on the suspension of Rui Sousa’s Proto D-Max and he was excluded, so Joao Ramos suddenly found himself in the excellent second position which he seemed to have lost.

Luis Costa (Toyota LandCruiser) and Ricardo Leal dos Santos (Mitsubishi) came in 3rd and 4th, with a mere gap of only six seconds in the end… 5th place went to Spanish driver Santi Anglada (Mitsubishi L200)

Despite his retirement, Russian Boris Gadasin won the FIA International Cup for Cross Country Bajas, while the Hernández brothers posted to Montes de Cuenca the decision of the Spanish Championship, even after the Portalegre’s win of Santiago Anglada, who add his name to the list of possible winners…

Final note for the win in T2 of António Baiona he who was the first driver won in Portalegre twenty years before.


307 – MIGUEL BARBOSA – «We want to prepare the Dakar, as well as win this race. I am very happy for this win. The car is very good but we still can change some settings in order to improve it.»

313 – RUI SOUSA – «All the team did a great job and this last day was always full attack. I had to get advantage over João Ramos and I’ve got it very soon. It was very hard, with lots of dust in the end, but we could return without problems.»

321 – JOÃO RAMOS – «It was the best race of the year, even if the result was not the best we had got. We cout have attack Rui today, but we’ve preferred to maintain our third position. The car was very good, during all the Baja.»

353 – ANTÓNIO BAIONA - «It’s incredible win 20 after the first Portalegre, even if it’s only in the T2 category. We didn’t hat front transmission but it was great. The cars had a great evolution and the rhythm is also most different. But I’ve won again with a Mitsubishi and that pleased me very much.»


1. Miguel Barbosa - Luis Ramalho (BMW X5) 06:56:10
2. João Ramos - Vitor Jesus (Toyota Rav 4) 07:07:24 00:11:14
3. Luis Costa - Pedro Lima (Toyota Land Cruiser) 07:23:41 00:27:31
4. Ricardo Leal dos Santos (Mitsubishi Pajero) 07:23:47 00:27:37
5. Santiago Anglada - Marc Parés (Mitsubishi L200 EVO Cup) 07:26:47 00:30:37
6. Jose Hernández - Xavier Rochera (Mitsubishi Montero) 07:29:23 00:33:13
7. André Amaral - Elmano Silva (Nissan Proto) 07:30:19 00:34:09
8. Javier Herrador - Fernando Puebla (BMW X5) 07:31:27 00:35:17
9. Fernando Hernández - Jordi Morales (Mitsubishi Montero) 07:33:02 00:36:52
10. Tonnie van Deijne - Wouter Rosegaar (Mitsubishi L200) 07:36:34 00:40:24

2007/10/21 | 17:36 CET | Editor: MR/ACP/Rita Konya

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