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Headline: Overseas Alantic Armada at Red Bull Romaniacs

North American armada - Renner, Bell, Grider, Mcassey and their Belgian support Verburgh will travel across the vast Atlantic sea and over most of Europe to the start in Bucharest for : "The third World’s Hardest Enduro Rally - the legendary Red Bull Romaniacs".

A stunning and spectacular new prologue event begins right in the very centre of the Romanian capital Bucharest. Only the fastest, fittest and most brilliant technically rider can possibly earn the highest honour after seven days of hard Enduro Rally racing and moreover, can win the substantial part of the - 20.000 prize money.

International stars X-Fighter 2005 Ronnie Renner, his countrymen Andy Grider (winner Baja California 250, 2005) and Malcolm Mcassey, the Canadian Andy Bell - this Atlantic armada compliment the "professional class" entries. Additional support for the North Americans comes from the Belgian Jimmy Verburgh, former international super cross and freestyle motocross rider. All five have in common, that this is their very first Romaniacs Enduro Rally.

Dakar 2005 winner and twice winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs Cyril Despres (FRA), the multi F.I.M Enduro World Champion Giovanni Sala (ITA) and the Roof of Africa dominators Darryl Curtis and Rian van Niekerk (both RSA) underline the world renown status of the Red Bull Romaniacs. In 2006 competitors from over 18 nations take part in this Enduro challenge.

Sadly motorcycle hero Travis Pastrana (USA) had to face reality at the Austrian Erzberg Rodeo, re-thought what seven days through the toughest Romanian terrain meant and has decide to retire his entry.
In its third year, the legendary off-road rally has under gone a few upgrades. Competitors can now start in four classes instead of two; the rally now has in places different tracks for each class.
Teams on ATVs/Quads have also taken up the challenge to ride into the Romanian Carpathians Mountains.

The rally has another upgrade: on inspection of the complete track for the "amateurs" class the organizers were confronted with passages which really demand a great deal of riding competence and technical riding experience of the participating teams than is appropriate to the title "amateur". Therefore, the change of name from "amateur" to "experts" is deemed more appropriate. Head of Red Bull Romaniacs organisation Martin Freinademetz explains this decision, upgrading the class name from "amateur" to "expert class" pays more much respect to the ability and skill of the participants. "Internationally riding experts agree that the professional class is designed to be demanding and tough and is suitable for the worlds most experienced motorcycle offroad riders only. This is entirely due to the uniquely hard characteristic of the chosen professional tracks".

What is certain is that organizer multi snowboard world champion Martin Freinademetz has found new and better tracks and new areas which overshadow the previous brilliant routes of 2004/2005. The spacious territory of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains harbours numerous possibilities for many years to come. As Roof of Africa finisher and successful Erzberg Rodeo finalist he wants to see the 2006 starters challenging all their Enduro Rally riding capability.

The Red Bull Romanics Enduro Rally earned the title ‘legendary’ due to having made full use of the most comprehensive available natural Enduro terrain, the routes used make this without doubt the worlds toughest and hardest Enduro Rally.

The concept is as brilliant as it is simple: Competitors are provided with challenging natural terrain in which they must use each all and every Enduro riding skill they have ever learnt and mastered to maintain consistent forward motion. This event is all about testing personal stamina and strengths, testing mental willpower and maximising each technical ability. Demanding for every Enduro driver, no matter if on the extremely technical professional track or on the easier Expert and Hobby tracks. One of the worlds last natural terrain motorcycling Enduro adventures, which brings man and nature into very close physical contact. Seeing the last of Europe’s truly natural bears, wild hogs and wolf packs is a strong possibility on these wilderness tracks.

2006/08/10 | 13:53 CET | Editor: mr/Katrin Strobl

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