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Headline: Van Deijne win Hungarian Baja with Mitsubishi

The Hungarian Baja, round of the FIA Baja Worldcup, ended in the early evening on Saturday. The little more than 500 km long race had been finished with the victory of the Dutch Tonnie Van Deijne and his Ex-Works Mitsubishi Pajero Evo MPR13. At the same time not only he, but also the Russian Boris Gadasin with his Nissan/G-Force Navara had something to be happy about.

After the last stage, Gadasin climbed out of his car dizzy of the smoke, thick in the cockpit, and needed a minor medical treatment. In that moment, probably he did not care about the fact that he gained unbeatable advantage in the Baja series, meaning he already won the Cup 2009 regardless to the outcome of the race in Portugal. But later the Russian was disqualified due to suspension-reasons (see extra article).

We also received the Hungarian Champion from the Baja. It was a tight race all the way between the couple of teams having chance for title. Finally the Czech Miroslav Zapetal and his codriver Tomas Ourednicek with their Mitsubishi L200 Strakar, who got the second place after the Hungarian Laszlo Palik (Nissan Navara) and he was before Balasz Szalay (Opel Antara RR), won his first-time Hungarian Champion’s title. Palik is the runner-up only with a half-point-difference and Szalay - who arrived to this race with a little advantage - got only the bronze.

In the Hungarian bike/quad championship László Szabó gathered the champion’s title by finishing the Baja on the third place behind László Fekete and Zoltán Hangodi.

What they said - after the end of the race

László Palik (Nissan Navara): It was a manly fight, I believe that the title is in the right hands after all. Zapletal has been quicker than us in the whole season, except for the HunGarian Baja. Without maths, Zapi deserves the first place and from now on, my utmost goal in my life is to be the first again.

Miroslav Zapletal (Mitsubishi L200 Strakar): - The entire race was very tight from the beginning till the last kilometer. We knew about both Palik and Szalay, that they going to fight hard, so the only strategy could have been to get the most out of our team with maximal concentration. We are happy, that we won the Hungarian Championship, and we thank to all of our Hungarian friends.

Balázs Szalay (Opel Antara RR): - It was a really rough fight for the championship title. Unfortunately, we were not the first, but let me congratulate to Zapletal. I think, we used the car up to its limits, but we made some mistakes. I missed a turn, the car stalled and we lost our chance.

Attila Gabor (Nissan Pathfinder): - We had a problem already on the first day, and though we changed many spare parts, it has not improved by today. We departed in the morning, the computer switched to emergency mode, and it was not enough, since the engine stalled. It was a torture, so we decided to quit during the day.

Zoltán Balint (Nissan Navara): - It is the best result of our carrier. We are extremely happy, since we did not expect this result in this very difficult race. It was a wonderful year, nobody can take these memories away. Thanks for all to the members of the Honvéd Dream Team and to all, who helped them.

András Lucacs (G-Baba Proto): - On the first day everything broke which could broke: differential gear, sub-axle, trailing-arm. According to the forfeit regulations, we could start only from the back. In spite of this, we had a great drive, we tried many things and we learned a lot new this time.

Károly Fazekas (BMW X5): - The end was similar to our entire season. The first two stages were wonderful, it was worth to participate in the whole race for them. Then our back trailing-arm broke and there came the usual forfait, then we got back to track for honour.

2009/08/24 | 15:42 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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