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Heroes Legend 2006: Auriol´s new rally start in Paris.

25 teams have entered the first "Heroes Legend" and will be meeting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on February 18. This will be the start of the rally raid organised by Ex-Dakar Chief Hubert Auriol with arrival in Dakar scheduled for March 4.

Following the notoriously famous route from Paris to Dakar, the Heroes’ Legend is a story of true human and sport adventure made up of a careful balance of solidarity and above all team spirit. The concept is based on 3-people teams, a 500XT Yamaha and their 4x4 for assistance: Hubert Auriol clearly wants to go back to the traditional values of rally-raid races and give the participants the opportunity to bring unforgettable memories back home: Dream bivouacs, accessible special stages, perfected routes - do not bother to start a technical armament race! Hubert Auriol’s only wish is for the teams to live an "off the beaten tracks" experience leading them to the final arrival stretch in a spirit of friendship amidst great landscapes.

Dutch, French, German and American riders are all looking forward to getting their 500XTs to Dakar and to writing yet another beautiful page in the big book of rally raids.

Highlights of the Heroes Legend 2006

17 February:
Administrative and technical scrutineering at Yamaha Motor France, 5, avenue du Fief, Saint Ouen l’Aumone, France

18 February:
15.00 CTE - Start - Place du Trocadéro Paris, Liaison up to Olivet

19 February:
Prologue at Olivet - Military grounds on the D168 face opposite the Maison Fort quarters. Liaison Olivet - Perpignan - 722 km (France)

20 February:
Special stage at Château Lastour, Liaison Château Lastour - Valence (Spain) - 665 km

21 February:
Special stage 86km from Valence - Aras de Los Olmos on private grounds called Aras Rural. Liaison Valence - Alméria (Spain) - 548 km, Boarding the ferry

22 February:
Ferry arrival at Nador (Marocco)
Stage Nador - Yaa Koub - 415 km of which 2 special stages in the Middle Moroccan Atlas.

23 February:
Stage Yaa Koub - Tinherir (Marocco) - 407 km of which 2 special stages arriving at 2800 metres in the High Atlas, plus a gorgeous stretch via the Jaffar Kettle - we could even have snow!

24 February:
Stage Tinherir - Akka - 531 km - Arrival in the Anti Atlas with a special stage scattered with wadis and through the breathtaking Aguinane Gorges.

25 February:
Stage Akka - Ocean view - 505 km of which 2 special stages with a lot of navigation, sand and a bivouac with a fabulous view on the ocean! Competitors will be enjoying unforgettable grilled sardines.

26 February:
Stage Ocean view - Boujdour - 495 km of which 2 special stages with sand and navigation again. Bivouac on a wonderful white dune on the beach, at the foot of the Boujdour cliffs.

27 February:
Stage Boujdour - Dakhla - 289 km of which a short special "Special Practical" stage on the beach.

28 February:
Stage Dakhla - Bir el Gareb - 459 km - Liaison for leaving Morocco and getting over the Mauritanian border.

1st March:
Stage Bir el Gareb - Faidherbe - 369 km - A few miles on the beach before the Banc d’Arguin Park, next a special stage in the dunes before a fast, sandy track where getting lost would be a pretty bad idea!

2 March:
Stage Faidherbe - Bango - 419 km - No more sand but vegetation and birds through the Diama Natural Park leading us to the Diama dam also marking the Senegalese border.

3 March:
Stage Bango - Saint Louis - Lake Rose - 264 km - Right in the middle of Black Africa with its colourful markets and its fishermen’s villages. From M’Boro, a special stage on the beach up to the Lake Rose for all the competitors who will manage to get through the Lake Rose dune massif. And even more sand again!

4 March:
Last stage : 47 km around Lake Rose and final rostrum.

More informations about this special events for 500XT Yamaha and their 4x4 assistance cars you find on the official website at [ ].

2006/02/15 I 14:20 CET I Editor:

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