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Heroes Legend 2009: St├ęphane Peterhansel joins the Organisation.

Six times winner of the DAKAR with motorcycle and three times with car, the former Enduro World champion became one of the inescapable and important characters of Dakar and African rallies. 6 victories of the Dakar with a Yamaha motorcycle (1991,92,93, 95,97 and 98), 3 victories of the Dakar by car with Mitsubishi (2004, 2005 and 2007) and 2 times Enduro World champion with Yamaha 250 in 1997 and 2001.

The French organized Heroes Legend Rally is made for the amateurs, with reasonable budgets and allows the novices as well as the more experimented pilots to surpass themselves and join the mythical Lake Rose in Dakar in a spirit of competition but also sharing, discovery and conviviality.

"By my involvement in the rally Heroes Legend, I wish to share my passion of the African rallies to all the anonymous amateurs who dream for years by saying themselves in front of their TV. One day I shall realize my dream and I shall go to Dakar with a motorcycle or a 4x4. In 2006, when the first edition of Heroes Legend has been announced, I bought a XT 500 to prepare it and to participate in this new race. For professional reasons I had to give up before the departure but already at this time the original concept of this rally interested me and captivated my attention" said Peterhansel.

"A race by team, a motorcycle and one 4x4 or 2 motorcycles or still 2 4x4 allows to make a nice rally with friends and give the opportunity to discover Africa because the classification is not the only priority. This rally is made to enjoy itself above all. When Dominique Rochette, my faithful companion who prepared my motorcycles at Yamaha, and who prepares the road book for this rally, came to present me the project accompanied by Roel Den Braven and Anne Marie Gerandi who was in charge of the competitors on Dakar and on Le Touquet during 10 years, I accepted immediately their proposition because this team, composed of pro and passionate persons, is a security of seriousness and quality of this organization.

The previous 3 editions showed that this concept, made for the amateurs, has a strong potential. This kind of rallies answers the expectations of a lot of persons who dream about adventure with a reasonable budget and reasonable level of equipment of their motorcycle or their 4x4."

What will he want to bring to the organization? Peterhansel: "I began my sports career in 1987 and I wanted, after all these years to run after victories, to discover and to see how works the organization of a race which crosses 5 countries. I also wish to bring my experience to develop the concept and allow more passionate persons to realize a dream. "Go to Dakar having fun".

Africa brought me a lot but I never had time to discover it because in competition, the only objective is the result. On Heroes Legend there is a classification by team and also individual but the first victory for the participants will be to take the departure at the Eiffel Tower and to arrive in Dakar.

2008/11/21 | 00:19 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Am Gerandi

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