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Heroes Legend: The second edition is about to be born.

The heroes of the first edition all came back safe and sound. After more than 4,000 miles of trail, desert, adventure, good mood and a lot of pleasant encounters, getting to the Lac Rose close to Dakar sounded great amidst the joyful talk of the participants - teams made up of a 500 XT Yamaha and a 4X4 for assistance. Such success has encouraged Hubert Auriol, initiator of the event, to set up a second edition from 1 to 17 March 2007 with a few novelties such as the acceptance of the BMW/GS!

The principle for the Heroes Legend is dead easy: Give all the fans of Africa the opportunity for a Paris-Dakar rally raid in the best possible conditions: Assistance by a professional, experienced team and the pleasure of riding "classic" bikes. No riding against the clock and no team rivalry - just rankings based on skilful navigation and consistency, giving everybody the chance to experience some extraordinary adventures and get to the Lac Rose without any major problem.

Yamaha and BMW

The 2006 edition of the Heroes Legend was open to 500 XT Yamahas only. But, as there have been numerous requests for participation, Hubert Auriol has decided to open the second edition to another manufacturer. Just as the 500 XT, the BMW GS has written some of the nicest pages of African rally races, and the Dakar in particular. The bike was launched in 1980 and gave Hubert Auriol a very early Dakar win in 1981 and 1983. All the models built from 1980 to 1983 can enter the Heroes Legend, as long as they are fitted with two-valve engines.

80 teams at the start

One bike, one 4X4 for assistance, 3 or 4 participants: This is the typical team line-up for the Heroes Legend. Each of them is allowed to manage their race to their own wishes and ride the bike in turn. With a couple of timed sections every day as well as stages of a maximum of 500 km - 200 or 300 of them off road - everybody knows consistency means getting to the bivouac before dark. Such a friendly formula offers friends or relatives a great opportunity for meeting new passionate faces. At the Heroes' Legend, bivouacs are warm, magic and far from the civilised crowds. The only connection to civilisation being the food - with quality meals everybody can savour!

Rally raid like the good old days

After a symbolic start from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, the competitors will be joining a special stage in the south of France and another one in Spain before sailing to Morocco. They will be riding across this wonderful country, heading for Mauritania, and next Senegal. It is a long way to go, so the original principle of the first African rally raids will be improved by using major safety findings: E-tracking following the competitors via satellites together with a very knowledgeable and experienced medical crew.

Mutual assistance, solidarity and fun: these are the mottos of the Heroes Legend unlike most professional, similar events that have become unaffordable - both from a financial and sports point of view - for an amateur rider dreaming of discovering Africa. This really is a fantastic opportunity for anybody thinking: "I'll get to Dakar on my bike some day."

For more informations mail to [ ] or visit the official website [ ].

2006/08/22 | 15:48 CET | Editor: MR/Heroes Legend

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