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Heroes Legend: Two level of difficulty - the new route for 2009.

10.000 kilometres in more than three weeks - the team in charge of the road book of the "Heroes Legend" Rally prepared a magnificent route with several complete new stages for this year´s edition of the Rally. Their main challenge was to find stages which sticks with the new regulation and to allow the 2 levels of difficulty of this race.

Successful mission: a two-speed route will allow all the competitors (experienced or not) to live a fascinating race. The most beautiful places of Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, often inaccessible to the tourists, wait for the lovers of Africa, competition and rallies.

6000 kilometres of competition and 12 stages in Africa

A particular care to the quality of road book because navigation will be essential during the rally. Only some way points will be communicated each day. Varied and well-balanced stages will allow the pilots novice or experimented to be able to drive with their rhythm according to their experience and their material. Each participant can choose to realize or not all the day sectors. The route has two levels of difficulties: technical, long, easier or shorter. Penalties will be applied to the pilots who do not realize the totality of the route while staying in the classification.

No competitor or team can be eliminated from the classification except in case of mechanical break-in. Alternative routes specially studied for the beginners or for the competitors who do not wish to face big off road difficulties or long stages. A particular care to the choice of bivouacs. Always in exceptional places to enjoy the nature so beautiful in Africa. The latecomers and the service vehicles can blow thanks to two loops (Akjoujt and Saint Louis) which will allow them to stay two days in the same place, and a half-day of rest before to enter Mauritania.

A dream route for the 2009 edition

After an arrival by boat to Nador, the competitors will live their first shock by discovering immediately the majesty of the landscapes of the north of Morocco: the crossing of Rekkam, then 360 ° of desert in the direction of the giant dunes of the Erg Chebbi.

Then going south along the Algerian border, the participants will discover the secret of the dune of Tinfou near Tamegroute and then up to the Northwest, the palm grove of Zagora before joining Ouarzazate and 2 vertiginous descents in canyons will bring them to Tata after some crossings of oasis.

Then cape to the ocean, Tan Tan and its famous " White Beach " then the cords of dunes near Laâyoune and an old track used by the Paris Dakar in the direction of Bir Anzarane where it will be necessary to keep the good cape and the good rhythm to be able to join the bivouac of Dakhla and its fantastic view on the bay.

Arrived in Mauritania, By-passing the National park of the Banc d’ Arguin the competitors will cross an erg of pink dunes before to reach the bivouac of Akjoujt. Unforgettable moments!

Then, in the direction of Atar, one of the most beautiful special of the rally, but also the most difficult in an ocean of dunes lined with black rocks. Don’t forget sand plates and shovel. You will not forget those images!

For the last day in Mauritania, 2 sectors will bring the participants near Boutilimit and a sandy track, then rolling parts in vegetation crossing some nomad villages with camels and zebus. A real stage of navigation.

After the crossing of the river Senegal to Rosso, new landscapes with baobab forests and typical black African villages and red gravel tracks. Arrived at Saint Louis, the competitors will enjoy a 2 days stay at the wonderful bivouac on the Langue de Barbarie between the ocean and the river and will dream to Mermoz and the airmail history. A loop stage around St Louis and the last day which will bring them to the famous Lake Rose near Dakar where will be celebrated the arrival of the rally on November 7th, 2009.

For more informations and inscriptions please visit the official website at [ ].

2009/05/19 | 18:49 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Heroes Legend

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