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Hungarian Baja: 12 Nations, 48 Cars and 30 Bikes and Quads.

The Hungarian Baja 2007 is the third event of the European Championship, third-biggest FIA-Baja in Europe an biggest Baja in Eastern Europe. This year´s European Championship started on the Italian Baja, than came another Italian event at the end of June. After the Hungarian event, an Italian round will come again, and the last one will be in France in October. The Hungarian Baja will be held from August 23rd until the 26th directly in the near of the legendary "Balaton"-Lake, the start will be in "Balatonfured", the Camp and major Legs in Veszprem, 20 kilometres in the north of the Balaton-Lake.

In the last few days registrations arrived from Luxembourg and Serbia, so there will be 12 nations at the Hungarian Baja 2007. There will be 48 cars on the tracks, 15 of them will compete in Challenge (Amateur) category. From Hungary all lincenced athletes will participate, which means that Zsolt Murczin’s car is ready, we will see his brand new 3D Proto in this race in its pride.

Two truck teams registrated for the race: the Dutch and the Hungarian team, they will test a beautiful Scania truck for the first time. We have seen Miklós Kovács at the Air Show of Kalocsa, where he competed with the aerobatic pilot Zoltán Veres to decide who is the faster, but the Hungarian Baja will be a place for serious preparation for the Dakar rally, which will be in next January.

Lot of motorbikes and quads registrated. There are 12 entrants in "two wheel", and 18 in "four wheel" the latters are at the same time participants of the Quad EC.

Accoding to the current standing order, the leader is Dario Segato, who won the quad category of the last year Hungarian Baja. "I’ve just finished the testing session and now the only thing that I have to do is waiting for the start of the Hungarian Baja! I hope it will be as great as in last year and I hope I will meet new people and have friends!" said Dario when we asked whether he enjoyed the last year event. Amongst the entrants there is a lady as well, called Erika Pajer with an automatic Polaris.

Many "Celebrities" of the Rallyraid-Scene will start in Hungary: The "local heroes" Balázs Szalay (Opel Antara), Sandor Kis (Nissan Navara), István Gál (Baba Proto) or Palik László (Nissan Navara), the Czech and Slovakian Neighbours Jozef Sykora (Mitsubishi Pajero) and the Baja GB-Winner Miroslav Zapletal (Mitsubishi L200 Strakar) or Kristóf Márton from Poland. From Austria would start the "Head of Taubenreuther Austria", Wolfgang Mayer (Hekla Proto) and the "Tuareg Rally"-Winner Christof Danner (Mercedes/Puch G).

A speciality will be the "Amateurs-Class", 15 Participants are fighting with serial- or FIA-Cars between the "Worldcup Specialists". A highlight in this class will be the all-new built Mercedes G500 from the German Team Beier/Beier, which looks like built after FIA-Regulations - but this Mercedes is faster, louder and harder then many of the FIA-"Monsters". is reporting daily directly from Hungary in English, German and Hungarian Language.

2007/08/20 | 17:46 CET | Editor: MR/HS

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