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Hungarian Baja 2008 Special-Newssection (FIA Baja Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Hungarian Baja 2008, 4th round of the FIA Worldcup for International Bajas. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Hungarian Baja: Chicherit is the fastest at Prologue in Hungary

With the super special, the HunGarian Baja has officially started. The warming did not pass without capsize, as Porizek turned upside down with the BMW. Again, as in the last three races he has always crashed his car. Without any surprise the BMW cars took it all. What is a bit surprising is that the French Chicherit was faster than Al-Attiyah. Palik, taking part in the Baja series, accomplished the best Hungarian result, which allows him to start among the first ten cars. They leave one after another with a time lag of not one, but two minutes.

Here is what they said after the super special:

Nasser Al-Attiyah: Although we did not go on the fullest, the spectators must have really enjoyed the race. At one of the jumps, we nearly rolled over. We have been asked how it felt to nearly overturn, but from the inside it did not seem that dramatic. We did not want to risk anything, as it is easy to capsize here, and these eight kilometres do not worth falling out from the race. We are one second behind Chicherit, and tomorrow we will try to beat them. Currently I am a bit tired, as I came here directly from Beijing, and there is a seven hours time lag, so the only thing I need now is a big sleep.

Guerlain Chicherit: In spite of not driving in the last four months, we are really satisfied with our result, as we finished the super special on the first place. Though due to the shortness of the track, it does not mean anything, we are still happy for this result. The point is to drive tomorrow without any technical problems, as recently we have had too many of them.

Palik László: We are really happy for the result of the super special., and if we are right, we have the eighth best time. Considering the number of the factory cars, it is a really nice achievement. Especially that this is also the best Hungarian result. We are definitely concentrating on the Hungarian Championship, as we would like to keep our current, stable position. We would like to drive tomorrow in our own pace to avoid any kind of turnover. The most important thing is that we start two minutes from the car before.

Szalay Balázs: After a longer break, it was strange to sit in the car again, which was readily waiting for us, its settings are perfect. We easily got used to the speedy racing again, and tomorrow hopefully we can go better times. We were also thinking about taking part in the international competition, but considering this longer break, we decided, that it would be enough to compete with the Hungarian field.

Kristóf Márton: From today’s result, I can not really judge, what we will be able to do tomorrow with the reconstructed car. What is for sure that the three-months long break did not help to improve our results. With the current zero points we have no influence on the championship, so we would like to gain some experience.

2008/08/22 | 15:10 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Rita Konya/HB

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