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HunGarian Baja: Comments before the race...

András Lukács (G-Baba Proto): ”We couldn’t finish the race in Gyula due to technical problems – the trailing arm had broken – so we are testing the setup version prepared for that race now. Since then we have strengthened the car, every setting is perfect. I like the Veszprém tracks very much, but this round consists of very short specials stages. We would like to win a special stage by all means, the podium is still very far…”

Károly Fazekas (BMW X5): “Our preparation is in progress because the car is still in pieces. We had been building the engine for a long time, and when it got ready the gearshift broke down, now we are trying to fix that, and hoping to succeed with it till tomorrow. In the championship we are catastrophic, at the eights position. In this season we could finish only one race at scorer position, then we couldn’t even take part in the last round because that time we had some problems with the engine again. We trusted in that we will take a good ride at a homeland track, ideally our car was ready two weeks ago already, but just happened a little technical failure: a cylinder renewal had been done wrong, and therefore the engine fell apart. But these tracks fit to me and to the car very much, since these are homeland tracks, so we should perform really well here!”

Attila Gábor (Nissan Pathfinder): “We like this field since we were successful in the race in last year also. I don’t know it yet how the car behaves on these very fast tracks. When we remember to 2007, there was a stage which had an amusing beginning, a difficult middle part, and an end what was even more difficult and tiring in the same time. I’m afraid there will be such a stage again. The car and we are ready for the race, we hope we will manage to drive through all the stages without any problems, because we have not arrived to the finish line even one time in this season yet.”

Zsolt Murczin (Mitsubishi L200 Proto): „It happens very rarely that the car is waiting for the start completely prepared for the race already a week before the event. I am starting off the stages with a new navigator, unfortunately we could ride together only a short time. We are at the fifth position overall in the championship and at the second position in the category in a way that we had to miss two rounds, so I mustn’t grumble. I have been waiting for the Baja very much, though I think it is going to be a bit hard since it is compressed into one day.”

Zoltán Szaller (MAN): “We did all our best to be perfectly prepared for this event technically, physically, and mentally as well. The car is the old one, it received serious preparatory work after the Dakar. I really like the Veszprém tracks so I like to return here. I believe that we can finish the race similarly to the last year’s event. Our truck is 200 HP strong, this is the weakest vehicle in the field, both in the horsepower and in the performance capacity. But we are the same in weight as the others so we try to ride with dash!”

Miklós Kovács (Scania): “Everything is nice and great, we are happy to be here again! We don’t know yet how the truck will perform because we have rebuilt it completely. We will see it after the first special stage whether it is good or not, and what and how we should change and set up on it. The track is very stony and difficult, which makes great demands on the tires. We have no idea how the special stage is going to be, we will see it after the first 50 kilometers…”

2009/08/21 | 13:06 CET | Editor: MR/ HunGarian Baja /Rita Konya

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