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HunGarian Baja: Comments before the race 2.

Porizek ZDENEK (BMW X5 CC): „The preparation had been going as usual, right after the work we started up for the race. Ideally the car is in very good condition, but this will turn out on the track for real. This is also just a technique in which we cannot look inside. I am fond of the Veszprém tracks because they are wide and it is possible to make the big pace on them. We would like to arrive to the finish line but I do not promise anything!”

Balázs SZALAY (Opel Antara): “I hope the race will be in lack of ruckus this year! I really like these tracks around Veszprém and I trust in that the special stages will like us too. Of course the Hungarian Championship title would be important in our life, since it can be said that we managed first time to go through the whole Hungarian Championship. And in this case that we have arrived to the HunGarian Baja as the leader of the championship, it would be good to keep the first position. We have refreshed ourselves, the car is in perfectly good condition, now we are just waiting for racing at last.”

Károly FAZEKAS (BMW X5): „Our problems started already before the ProHun, because the engine broke down just before one day prior to the race, then we made a new one which lasted for 600 km. We received the new block on this week, but not to stop running the gauntlet, the gearshift snapped on Thursday. So we got ready only for Friday morning, which means that we are here at the scrutineering. We frankly start as the underdog in the field, at most we want to prove that after all we and the BMW are able to reach a good result. We have mounted the brand new tires of BF Goodrich, the terrain is fitting for the running gear, so I hope we can finish the race with good result.”

Miroslav ZAPLETAL (Mitsubishi Strakar): “Everybody starts in this race that they want to win. We too, but we can see how hard opponents there will be. We have a drawback of 10points behind Gadasin in the European Championship, and of course we would like to win also on this “battlefield” not only in the Hungarian Championship. I think our car is in very good condition now, the engine is regenerated, the Mitsubishi received new brake system, and the gearshift has also been changed to a new one which hasn’t even been tested yet since it was installed just before traveling here. Following the HunGarian Baja we will go to the race called Silk Way, then there will be a Czech and a Polish round in the row, and above all the last station of the Baja series, the Portuguese challenge.”

Tonnie VAN DEIJNE (Mitsubishi Pajero MPR13): „Our expectation for this race is to finish in the first three. We could prepare well for this event, this is a nice car. We like Hungary, this is our 3rd time here, so we think we know how to drive in this area. We like this track we have already driven here before in the Baja. It is a nice and fast track which fits for us and for the car as well. My old car is also here, Erik Van Loon is racing with it. For him this is the first time to drive here my old car. In the championship we are fighting with Gadasin and Zapletal.

Boris GADASIN (G-Force Proto): “I hope it will be better than last year because then we had some accident and it was over on the stage. This is a beautiful race with beautiful stages, and I believe everything will be OK. The car is fine now, we prepared it well and we will check it here how it works. There were some problems with the engine from the previous race from Spain, but it is already fixed. These tracks are interesting and really nice. I think we can win this race but it is clear that this is a technical discipline so nobody knows anything in advance!”

2009/08/21 | 17:25 CET | Editor: MR/ HunGarian Baja /Rita Konya

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