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HunGarian Baja: Comments before the race 3.

Jozef SYKORA (KTM): “For me quad riding is a serious hobby. A year after the heart attack I was missing the races. I got on the quad first time two month ago and it really caught me. I can state proudly that I have not had an accident yet. In the past when I was racing with car I took part in the HunGarian Baja in order to win, or at least to fight for the victory. Now the purpose with the quad is primarily to prove for myself and finish the race.”

István NAGY (KTM EXC 450): “I am in the very lucky situation that I only have to follow the tactics on this race. The aim is to roll through smoothly since if I finish among the first-fifth positions, I collect one of the podium places in the Hungarian classification at the end of the season. The bike is the old one and it should endure this season. I really like these tracks because they are always full with challenges but I don’t believe it could show me any surprise.”

László FEKETE (E-ATV): “The preparation session was awful because I had no opportunity to test the quad and the settings. I am totally recovered from my big accident but due to this I stand quite miserable in the championship. Last year I couldn’t succeed in this race because of technical problems, though this is a homeland track for me. The quad is perfectly prepared now and looking forward for the afternoon start. I cannot really chip in the championship, but I am trying to ride a fine one and we will see how it makes the end…”

Zoltán HANGODI (Yamaha Raptor): “I am prepared maximally and I think there cannot be any problem physically as well. Thank to God we don’t need to count laps, so I think I will be OK. I am afraid a little bit of it, because this is going to be a long race, but I am sure that we will fight a great battle. I don’t have any serious aims for this race, since this is a “student year” for me, but I will try to perform always better. I have never ridden on these tracks, I came here several times during the year to get familiar with the terrain. I was very scared of it, so I will respect it absolutely, I will drive carefully to arrive to the end by a safe ride without accidents. I am at the third position in the championship, I would have some mathematic chance for the victory but this is not the purpose. I would like to finish this season completely and concentrate on the next year!”

László SZABÓ (BOMBARDIER): “At the moment I am leading the championship with 8,5 points and hopefully I can finish on the top of the class now too. Nevertheless I am often grabbed into the fight by the foreign riders. I like these tracks very much, though I have two barriers: one is my sight that how well I can see and depending on this how big pace I can make; the other is that there are faster quads which means a great advance in the long straights for them. There is no big change on my bike, we tried to prepare it in a way not to have any problem with it in the next days.”

2009/08/21 | 18:13 CET | Editor: MR/ HunGarian Baja /Rita Konya

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