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Hungarian Baja: Hard work on the fourth selective.

The Saturday race day of the HunGarian Baja was full of excitements. Sándor Kis proved in the fourth selective section that not only are his race skills and techniques excellent, but he is also better when it comes to the "War of nerves". Although the pursuing Josef Sykora managed to close up behind the Kis duo, which was struggling with a broken stub axle, Sykora ultimately made a mistake and ended up crashing his Mitsubishi Pajero into a ditch.

The Czech Zapletal team achieved, as the laughing third, the best section time with their Mitsubishi ahead of the Kis duo. The overall third best time (which is also the second best Hungarian time) in this selective was run by István Gál with his Proto, who thus managed to resurrect his hopes for a podium position.

In the Challenge Cup, Mihály Ács had to struggle hard for his first position in the last section, especially after his servo steering gave up in the first half of the course. Jaroslav Katrinak still displays a hundred percent performance in the biker field by winning every selective section so far.
Among the quad riders, the best time belonged again to Alex Brusselers with his Bombardier VLS 650 bike. The Germans Gerhard Walcher/Stefan Niemz with the only truck in the race completed so far every section of the HunGarian Baja.

The leading team in the overall standings is the Kis/Czeglédi duo with a twelve minutes lead over the Czech Zapletal/Janacek duo and an almost half-an-hour lead over the Gál/Oroszlán team. The third best Hungarian Liszi – Fenesi duo is fourth in the overall standings. Sykora, who pursued Kis the entire race, managed to fix his car and put it in the parc fermé, but because of the one and a half hour penalty he received, he has to start tomorrow’s race on the nineteenth position. The Rigler/Maurer duo is in a similar situation, since their car’s engine failure cost the team today a three and a half hours penalty.

The Challenge Cup is led by the Ács/Kiss team. In the motorbike section, the first position belongs naturally to Katrinak, who won so far each and every section. The best Hungarian biker, Péter Kátai, is fourth in the overall standings. In the class of the four-wheel bikes, the quads, we can welcome a Hungarian success with Norbert Németh leading the field.

Tomorrow the international field still has an almost two hundred kilometres long selective section to complete, which can still provide some surprises. The field of the National Championship and the Challenge Cup faces only a small super special section at Jutaspuszta. Following this, the successful competitors can finally celebrate after crossing the finish podium on the Tagore promenade in Balatonfüred.

2006/08/20 I 11:05 CET I Editor: Hungarian Baja/MR

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