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Hungarian Baja: Hungarian success in the third Hungarian Baja

The highest ranking Hungarian cross-country rally race brought Hungarian success. The Sándor Kis/Péter Czeglédi team won the 2006 Hungarian Baja. The last day was not without excitement for the winning duo. In today’s first selective section (whose 170 kilometres made it to be the longest section in the history of the Hungarian cross-country rally sport), their car was overtaken by the Czech Zapletal after one of their tyre burst.

This small episode, however, did not prevent the Kis team to finish the race first with a lead of nine minutes over the team of Zapletal and the national multi-champion Gál/Oroszlán duo. Josef Sykora, who was in close competition with the Kis team for the first place before an accident yesterday damaged his car, managed to re-enter the race with his fixed car but was eventually forced to quit due to a broken stub axle.

The race was almost over when the Zelkó/Drávai duo ran into a serious technical problem. The oil leaking from their punctured differential got on fire, and it was only their luck and the sportsmanlike assistance by the German truck team that prevented their car from burning out entirely. The third best Hungarian team in the international standings was the Murczin/Hujber duo, which completed the race on the overall seventh position.

The Slovakian Jaroslav Katrinak scored an assertive victory among the motor bikers. He won each selective except of the last super special section. The best Hungarian racer, Péter Kátai, achieved the third place with his factory prototype bike, finishing behind Katrinak and the French Mickael Naudet. The best quad rider in the 2006 Hungarian Baja was the Italian Dario Segato. The most successful Hungarian competitor, Norbert Németh finished the race on the overall ninth position.

In the Challenge Cup, the Ács Mihály/Kiss Ferenc duo could celebrate its second victory this year, after winning the championship’s most difficult race. The second and third place goes to Germany and Austria, Christof Danner and Herwig Rieger placed their Mercedes/Puch G on position two, the German pair Daniela Baur and Rolf Blaess (also Mercedes G) finished as third.

The only truck unit of the race, driven by Gerhard Walcher and Stefan Niemz, successfully completed the Hungarian Baja. The 2006 Hungarian Baja was completed by 52 cars and their crews, while 11 cars managed to finish the course in the Challenge Cup. Eight motor bikers and eight quad riders can also claim the successful completion of this year’s Hungarian Baja.

2006/08/26 | 15:49 CET | Editor: MR/Hungarian Baja

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