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Hungarian Baja: Invitation letter from organizer Zoltán Garamvölgyi.

There are more than 50 entered riders almost before 2 weeks of the Hungarian Baja, event of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Bajas. It is considered to be more riders from 11 countries, and which is new, there is an Austrian woman among the participants with quad. Now organizer Zoltán Garamvölgyi invites participants to come to Hungary from 20th to 23rd of August.

Dear Sportfans, Dear Friends, At the end of the last year’s HunGarian Baja I had been grabbed by a similar feeling like when we organized our first race. Really, it hadn’t been so long ago either. I remember as we sat down after the race with pleased tiredness under the trees of Jutaspuszta, and discussed on the spot the events of the race, the lessons about how to do or how not to do things in next year. And there is no gainsaying it, we were filled with pride for what we had done, that we had created something in which others had also found their pleasure.

Me and in my helpmates had already been conceived of the thought by that time that the fields around Veszprém - and maybe it is not a pomposity that we ourselves as well - are capable to make the HunGarian Baja international, even as a part of a series.

Than a year passed and there came the next challenge for us and for all those who arrived to us to put themselves to the test. The good fame of the race spread quickly, so more and more racers entered to us. Car and truck drivers, motor and quad bikers. And they took our fame all around in Europe.

Our candidacy had been crowned with success, so yesteryear we could organize first time such an event which was part of the FIA European Cup. Certainly there had been a healthy stage fright in me and in all of us who had been working for this race before the event. How is it going to succeed, who we could attract to Veszprém, what would be the reflection on the international stage to the HunGarian Baja?

Well, our 2008 rally scored full marks at all levels, regarding the pilots or the international sporting steward as well, so practically we have gained the right automatically to announce the event as the part of the European Cup in this year again.

A couple of conditions have contributed to the fact that the 2009 race will be different than it was in last year, or like it had been usual before. To tell it to my heart, I would also insist on the over 100 km long stages, but the script is not always written by the organizer of the rally…

Apart from this, I believe that the HunGarian Baja will be a remarkable event for all the participants in 2009 too, and especially for that team which is going to win the Hungarian Champion Title here.

2009/08/07 | 10:47 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Zoltán Garamvölgyi

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